Review: Negative

Negative by Harada
Item page:

This is the second Harada series featured on our site. Her works are definitely not for everyone. After having read Negative, I can see why. Of course, that isn’t to say that she doesn’t have a very loyal fan base–myself included now.

This edition features five stories plus one bonus story. All six stories left a rather strong impression on me, but perhaps the most memorable was Piercings. The art is very crisp and the love scenes are so intensely sensual that they arouse all the senses.


Usui (above), a slender and well-groomed office worker with a slightly feminine aura about him, walks in to a massage parlor. He changes into a robe and sits on the massage table. The masseur is taken aback by his nape piercing.


He tells his masseur all about his piercings while getting massaged. The masseur presses him when he mentions he has them in other places you can’t see. He lifts his head off the massage table and looks the sweaty masseur in the face.


The masseur removes his robe and works his way from Usui’s navel and inverse navel piercings up to his tongue piercing. Usui tells him that this one makes pleasuring his partners more interesting and lets him find out for himself.

Shortly after, the masseur asks Usui out and they become a couple. He’s totally captivated by the bewitching allure the holes in his body bring out.

Usui offers to pierce his tongue while they are making love. He pulls out his equipment and begins explaining the process and effects. The masseur is enveloped in the pain of having his tongue pierced and the pleasure of making love to Usui.


His piercing firmly in place, Usui lifts himself up. He realizes then that he’s finished inside of him.

Things are going well between them. The masseur is finally getting used to his tongue piercing. Usui lies on his stomach in bed, ready for the masseur to ravish him. He’s entranced by the metal glinting on the nape of his neck.

“In middle grade school,” Usui moans, “the guy who pierced my nape… was my first time.”

The masseur stops.


This one definitely isn’t for every one, but this beautifully illustrated and deeply sensual manga is well worth the read if you keep an open mind.

Click the item page link above or here to find out what happens next!

Sultry Staff Recommendations

Hi Everyone! 

Since around Christmas last year, Chase and I have been writing some Staff Recommendations in the Renta! mail magazine, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of those gems. Time flies by so fast! There are so many amazing books we want to recommend, we can hardly keep up with them all. Bless! 笑

Hi Everyone!

Since around Christmas last year, Chase and I have been writing some Staff Recommendations in the Renta! mail magazine, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of those gems. Time flies by so fast! There are so many amazing books we want to recommend, we can hardly keep up with them all. Bless! 笑

December 18 – by Sarah

I Just Wanna Be A Good Boy
by Memo Kamiya

I Just Wanna Be A Good Boy

Are you on Santa’s naughty list?

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Renta! December 24 here in Tokyo seems more like Valentine’s Day than Christmas, as it’s popular for young couples to make reservations somewhere nice for dinner and spend the evening together. Can you believe they do that while Santa is watching?


Sarah: Hahaha.. Well that does sound like me.

I Just Wanna Be A Good Boy” is a full-volume collection of short stories (an anthology) all by the same author. The story on the cover features two very special characters in addition to the “main character” (if you can call him that). The seme and uke of this story are actually the very handsome and responsible “good conscience” and his counterpart inside the main character’s head, the naughty bad boy personifying the “devil on your shoulder” voice of desire.

Who knew these two would fall in love and pair up to do some pretty awesome inappropriate things. Sounds dangerous, as their actions seem to have a big influence on the hormonal teenager they are tasked with guiding.

It’s a fun read!

January 12 – by Chase

I’m Becoming A Sperm Doner:
Merciless Milk Wars in the Year 20XX
by Kisara

I'm Becoming A Sperm Doner

The year is 20XX. The government has launched a “special” program to combat the declining birthrate. Ryou, son to the Terushima Yakuza group, is invited to participate in the program. He is greeted at the clinic by former high-school classmate Hanyuu. What will happen when Ryou recalls the fling they had back then?! Spice up your start to 2018 with this manga!


Sarah: (Wow.) What made you decide to choose this manga to recommend to readers?

Chase: Wow indeed. This was the first mail magazine recommendation that I was asked to do. I’d been writing staff awards for sweet love manga (I still do) and was honestly feeling a little tired of that genre—even though I’d only been in the company for a few months! I was craving something different and realized I could recommend anything I wanted. I was in the mood for a little BL/Yaoi and was browsing through our BL/Yaoi manga when I found this one. I started reading it and thought, why the hell not? I’d not read much manga before joining Renta!, so everything was new to me, and I wanted to do some research. I never would have imagined that this kind of manga existed. Plus, it seemed fairly spicy enough to kick off 2018 (LOL).

January 19 – by Sarah

Over-cumming Writer’s Block
by Awaji・Nae


Hi everyone! How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions?? It’s too soon to give up!! Let me give you something amazing to read that will motivate you to follow your dreams! Rio is an author in the middle of writing a romantic novel, struggling because she’s so inexperienced in love that her editor told her it reads like “a duck having sex with a cabbage.” But she’s saved by Mr. Fujishima, who teaches her more than a thing or two about sex. This manga is sexy, hilariously cute, and completely consensual. Let Rio’s determination rub off on you to get 2018 revved up and going. That is what we were talking about, right?


Sarah: If you haven’t checked it out already, please check out the 5-minute video review we made for this manga where Chase and I uh… act out the scenes! Sorta.

February 2 – by Chase

Prisoner of Pleasure
-My Mind Says No, but My Body Says Yes!-
by Manami Fujiwara

Prisoner of Pleasure

February’s here and love -er, sex- is in the air! Miyu lands her current job through her uncle. She’s put on random duties and just can’t seem to fit in with her coworkers. After giving her boss, Irima, a report filled with typos, she stays late to fix it with her coworker, Yoshioka. Yoshioka’s plans to go to a mixer are ruined. Frustrated, he grabs Miyu, rips off her blouse and they get it on right there! When Irima finds out what happened the next day, he takes her into a conference room and he starts kissing her…! Why not treat yourself to something nice and naughty this Valentine’s day?


Sarah: Do you think that making out with someone is an appropriate response to submitting a report filled with typos?

Chase: Obviously this kind of manga is an outlet for people to fantasize with, but in real life, I don’t think it’s an appropriate response at all. The more realistic and appropriate response would be to have her fix it, then have Yoshioka check her work, and address the issue before it became a major problem. After that, if both parties are consenting and the feelings are mutual, they should be free to do whatever they want together, of course.

Sarah: Don’t forget to invite the boss.

February 9 – by Sarah

Let’s Be A Family!
by Tomo Kurahashi


In honor of a brand new Tomo Kurahashi release coming on February 14th (CRACK STAR!), I’d like to point your attention to the other titles we have by this same incredible manga artist. Here at Renta!, we are big fans of Tomo Sensei’s work. Her stories tend to feature friendships that blossom into love, usually with one person assuming their feelings were unrequited, WHEN ACTUALLY…!!!?

“Let’s Be a Family!!” features *three* friends, and two of them are already an established couple! How will their relationship change and grow when the third friend drops a baby in their lap? Prepare yourself for some heartwarming romance from Tomo Sensei. (And check out her other works, too!)


Sarah: I was re-reading this manga today, actually! The fourth chapter of the prequel to “Let’s Be A Family!” just came out last night, so I stayed up late to catch the midnight release. Aren’t you curious about how Chiaki and Kazuma got together? I could spoil it for you, but I’m feeling kind today. When the full volume is released at last, we’ll try to get it out in English ASAP! Hold your breath!

If you want to learn more about Tomo Sensei, check out this previous post! I reviewed her one-volume hit, “Crack Star” for my very first blog post on this site.

February 23 – by Chase

Nipple Bingo
-Kishiwada, A Guy With Very Sensitive Nipples-
by Asuka Ibiki

Nipple Bingo1

Kishiwada is a delinquent freshmen who doesn’t take off his shirt for any reason, which causes rumors to run wild at school. Some say he has the names of his victims tattooed on his body. Others say he has an ancient magic curse. The truth is that he just has very rare condition in which his nipples are sensitive – so much so that even the slightest brush against his nipples causes him to go weak and collapse to the ground! Read on and find out why he’s this way and how his friend helps him cure it!


Sarah: I have been keeping up to date with this manga, myself. It’s hilarious, sexy, and adorable. But Chase, please enlighten us… What kind of game is Nipple Bingo?

Chase: When Kishiwada was a child, his best friend, whom he meets again 6 years later when the manga begins, played a game where they point their index fingers at each other’s chests and try to poke their nipples. If the poker hits the pokee’s nipples, the pokee has to say “Nipple Bingo!” Kishiwada tries it on his friend, but is way off. However! His friend tries it on him and hits his nipples exactly. He falls to the floor laughing, telling him it tickles. Kishiwada’s friend’s heart starts racing and he excuses himself to go to the bathroom to “pee,” but we all know what was going on in there.

Anyway, thanks to their constantly playing this as kids, Kishiwada’s developed nipples so sensitive that even the slightest stimulation to them causes his knees to buckle under him and even fainting! I chose this one because I’d never heard of such a game, if it even exists, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

March 9 – by Sarah

Kiss and Tell
by Anna Takamura

Kiss and Tell

This ongoing series promises hot moments every week that will make your heart skip a beat as Leo comes to terms with his complicated relationship with Ryosuke. It’s interesting how the straight-laced, serious college student takes so much longer to recognize and accept his feelings than his beautiful classmate does… His beautiful… popular… classmate who is also an adult video star! Character growth with a sexy story to match? This is one Yaoi hit that you will not want to miss.


Sarah: I stand by what I wrote here. I have nothing to add. Mostly because it leaves me somewhat speechless. You should go read this. It’s hot.

March 22 – by Chase

Gelateria Supernova
by Kitahala Lyee

Gelateria Supernova

Naoki Masada and Tomoaki Satoya met through an online friends-with-benefits messaging board. Before long, they become boyfriends. Naoki’s never been with anyone as long as he has with Tomoaki, so he isn’t sure how to express himself around him. After a two-week long business trip, Tomoaki returns to Naoki’s apartment to find he’s been smoking again. He begins to bawl when Naoki finally works up the courage to tell him how he really feels! You won’t want to miss this heartwarming Yaoi hit!


Sarah: I second this recommendation, wholeheartedly. Kitahala Lyee is a blessing to the BL mangaka community, and this huge bestseller has a full-volume sequel called “Gelateria Supernova: Royal Vanilla” which is also available in English on our site!

Kitahala Sensei recently retweeted this post I made when it first came out, and the publisher and label retweeted it to the full Japanese audience shortly thereafter. I have never felt so proud! 笑

Chase, can you explain to people exactly how beautiful this manga is?

Chase: I actually had the opportunity to edit this one and absolutely fell in love with it while working on it. It’s got such a depth of story with a nice mix of erotic and heart-warming fluffiness. I’d stock my digital and physical bookshelf with it and buy copies for all of my friends in a heartbeat if I could. Seriously, it’s that good. I was discussing this with one of our colleagues and she mentioned that it’s a little bit gloomy. It could be taken that way given that Naoki has had a series of failed relationships with both men and women due to his trouble sleeping with someone in the same bed as him. I guess you could call it that, but I think there are enough cute scenes that it balances out nicely. I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was when Naoki goes through his major growth and his relationship with Tomoaki deepens. No joke – you HAVE to read this one, otherwise we can’t be friends. Period. (LOL)

Thanks for joining us on this trip down Recommendation Memory Lane! Please comment and let us know if you’ve read any of these and how you liked them!

Interview with The OASG

Hi guys!

This week, Justin over at The OASG posted an interview we did together over email. Please check it out!

I thought maybe I was a little too candid, but I stand by my statement that we’re all going to hell. (Just kidding – I didn’t say that *explicitly*)

Hi guys!

This week, Justin over at The OASG posted an interview we did together over email. Please check it out!

I thought maybe I was a little too candid, but I stand by my statement that we’re all going to hell. (Just kidding – I didn’t say that *explicitly*) Here are some excerpts:

The bulk of the content on Renta! is BL and Yaoi. Can you share the reasons why you’re publishing more of these types of works compared to anything else?

Renta! specializes in manga for a female audience, so on our main page you’ll find information for everything from Shoujo to erotica (Shoujo 2.0!).

The two most popular genres, Love and BL, are about even right now, actually, although BL is growing steadily as we continue to increase the number of titles we publish.

Interestingly, BL is much more popular in Japan than its straight love manga counterpart, but general erotica tends to do better in English just because it’s less of a niche market and easy to digest for people who just want a little fun romance but are not ready to become Fujoshi yet. (All they need is a little push.)

Since BL is also a bigger industry in Japan than love manga, there are a lot more famous artists with large fanbases. That being the case, I notice a difference in the level of “loyalty” of the fans – love manga enthusiasts being more like casual readers, and BL/Yaoi fans being a bit more dedicated, able to provide you with a complete list of their favorite artists and three good reasons why their favorite uke should have gotten first place in this year’s rankings.

More on BL, as I can never stop:

I think one of the most interesting aspects of working with BL/Yaoi as a genre is the perspective it gives me on women’s sexuality, and how it differs from Western views and attitudes.

BL may feature relationships between male characters, but it is written mainly for a female audience. Actual gay men in Japan are NOT the target audience (although they are welcome, alongside their fudanshi counterparts), and there are a lot of very genre specific tropes that you won’t find in “real life” as it were.

When people find out what I do for a living, many guys will ask me why women like to read BL? “Is it the same thing as men watching lesbian adult videos?” I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t think it’s quite the same. It’s hard to explain, but I think as readers, we identify as one (or more) of the characters, and not necessarily the one on the “receiving” team. Women have been reading books dominated by male characters and voices for hundreds of years, so it’s no surprise that this is not a barrier to enjoying the genre. I think BL provides a space to explore your own thoughts on sexuality outside of the box that you came in.


YouTube Review: Over-cumming Writer’s Block with Chase and Sarah

Hi everyone! Please enjoy this short YouTube video of me and Chase as we act out scenes from Over-cumming Writer’s Block by Awaji・Nae. 

Hi everyone! Please enjoy this short YouTube video of me and Chase as we act out scenes from Over-cumming Writer’s Block by Awaji・Nae.

To watch and share this video on YouTube, please click here:

Review: The Lion Man And The Geek Girl -My First Time Was With An Animal-

The Lion Man And The Geek Girl by Shishime
Item page:

This was the first manga that I read when I joined Renta! It’s surprisingly received a lot of attention outside of our website through other channels. The art is beautiful. It’s filled with so many cute pictures and contains a sort of sensuality that I’ve never seen in other manga. Of course, there’s quite a bit of humor in it as well.


Yuri Ueno (above) is a college student. She’s always been very shy around other humans. When she dropped her eraser in class and the guy sitting next to her picked it up and tried to hand it to her, she couldn’t even spit out the words “thank you”. She feels far more comfortable around animals. That’s why she’s studying to become a veterinarian. Her father runs a zoo where she helps out.


Leo (above) is a lion at her father’s zoo. Yuri stops by his cage every day to catch him up on her day.

On one particular day, she stops by Leo’s cage to clean it. She tells him all about the awful professor who approached her after class for some “private tutoring”. She’s clearly upset over what happened. Leo tries to comfort her by rolling on top of her and giving her “kisses”. She laughs and reaches up to pet him. Just then, a thought strikes her.


Yuri lies her head on Leo’s stomach after she cleans his cage, closes her eyes, and drifts off to sleep.

Suddenly, a voice calls out to Leo from across the room.

“Leo. Do you want to be a human being? Do you?”

Will Leo ever turn into a human? Head over to the item page above or click here to find out!

Review: The Artist And The Beast

The Artist And The Beast by Coda
Item page:

This is another one of our currently bestselling manga on the site. Just like Over-cumming Writer’s Block, the art is beautiful and the layout is clean. It’s got a wonderful balance of story and eroticism. Unlike Over-cumming Writer’s Block, however, there’s a little less humor and a lot more steam.


Rui Kijima (above) is a struggling manga artist. She’d always wanted to be one, but her parents fiercely protested it. She hasn’t been eating or sleeping very well lately. As a result, she’s become nothing but skin and bones.

Concerned about her, her editor, Ayumu Ono (also above), calls her up. He suggests she finds a good guy to take care of her. Rui explains that she’s not interested in having a boyfriend and that she thinks love is a pain in the ass.

“There it is. The ‘pain in the ass’ line!” he screams out from the other end of the phone. He blabs on about how he thinks she should be interested in everything as a manga artist, but Rui hangs up on him.

She sighs and lies her head on her desk. “Please… give me an idea…”



She opens her door. Keigo Azuma (above) towers over her.

“Name’s Azuma. I run a money-lending business…” He pulls out an I.O.U. “Do you remember becoming a Mr. Yashiro’s guarantor?”

Rui examines the I.O.U. She recalls that Mr. Yashiro had shown up at her place right before a huge deadline and refused to leave until she signed as his guarantor.

Keigo continues: “I’d like you to pay back his $60,000 debt.” She hesitates. He suggests she ask her parents for help. She remembers her parents’ reaction when she told them she was becoming a manga artist.

“I… I’LL PAY IT ALL BY MYSELF!” she tells him. But, she’s only got $40,000 in savings. She asks him to wait for the rest. He says he’d be willing to wait for the other $20,000 in exchange for something else…


What will Rui do!?

Head on over to the item page above or click here to find out what happens next!


What’s it like to work at Renta?

As an editor specializing in translations of erotic manga from Japan, suffice it to say that I have a slightly interesting work environment. If you walked into our office space, you would not notice anything out of the ordinary at first glance…

As an editor specializing in translations of erotic manga from Japan, suffice it to say that I have a slightly interesting work environment.

Office Building

If you walked into our office space, you would not notice anything out of the ordinary at first glance. We don’t have cubicles, but everyone has a desk in one very large room that takes up half of an entire floor in the middle of a high rise office building in the heart of Tokyo. (You can walk to the imperial palace from here, and the gorgeous Hotel New Otani is right down the street. I pass it every day walking here from the train station.)

Nearby the Office

My desk is right next to the other editors in the International Department, so every time we come across a funny translation or ridiculous plot point, you’ll hear us giggling in English. However, the rest of the office is run almost exclusively in Japanese. Even department meetings are held in Japanese, as most of our team is bilingual but several people do speak Japanese as a native language instead of English.

Even with over 80 Japanese staff members in the same room, it’s usually very quiet while everyone taps away at keyboards and works diligently at their desks. (Except for that one guy whose squeaky chair might show up in revenge nightmares featuring me with a baseball bat or rocket launcher. I haven’t decided how I want to destroy it yet.)

Yes. This is a peaceful, calm, and quite typical Japanese office. The dress code is a little informal compared to other offices, but most people just wear whatever is comfortable.

Nothing out of the ordinary here…

until you look at anyone’s screen.

The Man Bra

The CEO of the company sits slightly behind me with a full view of what’s on my screen, which always makes me a little uncomfortable. Not because I’m procrastinating or doing something I’m not supposed to be. Rather, it’s because there are often images of two guys having amazingly messy sex on my screen.

Sometimes in full color!

Everywhere you look you will see something a little bit interesting as you walk through the office. Part-timers zooming in on erotic scenes to delete Japanese sound effects and speech in Photoshop… Content managers skimming through new volumes of manga to make sure all the files are in order… And there’s even an in-house publisher in the back of the room who makes 2-D animation versions of popular Japanese manga, too.

Once a week, everyone will get up and move to a giant conference room where we have a company-wide meeting, and each department will share news and reports of what happened over the last week. It never fails to amuse me when titles of the manga appear on the projector screen. We will often stifle giggles when someone has to read the title out loud. Inevitably there will be a stalker, a yakuza, or a classmate who just –ed your mom (also in full-color). But the most amusing thing of all is that most of the time everyone just sits through these meetings with a straight face. No reaction at all is the funniest reaction to me.

I love my job, but without fail, you will hear the phrase “What even is our life?” about once a week here in the International Department.

I hope you enjoy the manga we release. We do work hard to make sure it’s as sexy as possible. I’m looking forward to sharing more and more manga with you each week, so stay tuned, and thank you for reading!

Our new releases this week are on a whole new level, so please check them out and let me know what you liked!

March 14 New Releases

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about this week’s new releases in Yaoi/BL. See below for a preview, and check out our homepage for a full list of manga coming out this week.

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about this week’s new releases in Yaoi/BL. See below for a preview, and check out our homepage for a full list of manga coming out this week.

New Full Volumes


Title: Negative
Artist: Harada

Description: This full volume contains the first half of a two-volume set. (The second volume “Positive” is scheduled for release in April!) Each volume contains stories about several different couples all set in the same universe… mostly.

“Negative” introduces 4 different stories:
1) A complicated love triangle between childhood friends
2) A massage therapist and a beautiful man with many secret piercings
3) Two guys pretending not to love each other when they clearly do, never managing to say so until one of them literally has brain damage.
4) A story told from the perspective of a beautiful girl who accidentally switches bodies with one of her male classmates.

Since the overarching theme for these stories is something “negative”, you can expect to finish this volume feeling thoroughly satisfied and yet simultaneously haunted for days. If you’ve never read a manga by Harada-Sensei before, this is a great place to start!

Threads of Love 2

Title: Threads of Love – Volume 2
Artist: Kyohei Azumi

Description: The sequel to the beautiful, sweet, and heart-throbbing first volume is here! Volume 2 introduces a new character with cute animal ears, this time in the form of a werewolf. After being rescued by a teacher, he grows really attached to his rescuer’s “delicious” smell, and spends much of the time in a childlike form that is super adorable.

Characters from the first volume make several appearances since this is set in the same town and school as before, and they help this adorable teacher overcome difficult circumstances and find a way to be with this cute (yet incredibly buff and handsome in his adult form) werewolf who crashed into his life unexpectedly.


Title: Red Panic!! – The Guy Who Needs To Get Off 8 Times A Day
Arist: Yoko Midoriyama

Description: An anthology of many hilarious, sweet, and sexy short stories that will crack you up and turn you on at the same time. This one had me crying. I loved the bonus stories at the end, and the entertaining comments by the artist were just like icing on the cake.

New Chapters of Ongoing Series

Ghostly Encounters of the Erotic Kind by Nakai
I Turned Into A Girl And Turned On All The Knights! by Yakan; Misaki Inori
Only Guys Can Come Inside by Chihaya Magase
Nipple Bingo by Asuka Ibuki
Kiss and Tell by Anna Takamura
Stained With Snow White’s Poison by Ship Hita
Sweetheart Trigger by Nyan-Nya
Starting Today I’m A Delinquent… ! by Gisho Akagi
Wrapped Around Your Little Finger by Ito Agata
Lovesick Odd Couple by Wai
Inside God’s Arms by Yonezou Nekota

Happy White Day from all of us at Renta!!

Review: Over-cumming Writer’s Block

Over-cumming Writer’s Block by Awaji Nae
Item page:

This is the first Awaji Nae manga featured on our website and is currently one of our bestsellers. It’s no surprise why. The art is beautiful and modern. The layout is clean in both the Japanese and the English. And, it’s got the perfect balance of eroticism, story, and humor.


Rio Mizuhara (above) has always loved words and writing. She could travel to worlds she’d never imagined. In high school, she won her first writing contest and was picked up by her current editor, Ms. Maeda (below). It was Ms. Maeda who encouraged her to explore the field of erotic romance.


However, Rio has one major problem according to Ms. Maeda: her sex scenes are like a cabbage and stork getting it on.


Rio wonders if she’s really cut out for writing erotic romance novels. She has no clue what goes on during sex, let alone ever been horny in her entire life.

Dejected, she leaves the meeting and gets onto the elevator with Mr. Fujishima, a business man, standing behind her. She sighs and says out loud, “I wish someone could just teach me how to have sex…”


She looks over her shoulder. Mr. Fujishima has dropped his briefcase and all of its contents have gone flying out onto the elevator floor! She bends down and helps him collect his documents. “Here,” she says as she hands him his documents.


The elevator reaches his floor and he runs out.


He doesn’t even thank her. Now infuriated, Rio decides to cheer herself up with some dessert at a café across the way from her publisher. She notices he’s left an envelope on the elevator. She picks it up and gets off the elevator.

Back at work, Mr. Fujishima realizes he’s lost the documents from Blurt publishing, Rio’s publisher. He’s clearly in a bad mood, but his fellow employees comment that he always looks that way. Mr. Fujishima wonders if he forgot to pick it up when he dropped his briefcase in the elevator.

His secretary calls out from across the room: “Blurt Publishing is waiting for you on line 2.”

He answers the phone.

“I… um… the envelope… *cough* *cough* I have your documents from Blurt Publishing. If you want them back, come to the café in front of Blurt’s building!”

The caller hangs up.

He rushes over to the café to find Rio scarfing down a parfait. He thanks her for picking up the envelope and reaches down for it. Rio slams her hand on the envelope and apologizes for blackmailing him. He asks her why she’s apologizing and assures her that she’s helped him.

She lifts her head up and tells him she’s about to blackmail him. She offers to give him the documents back in exchange for an interview. He’s irritated, but decides to humor her.

“OH MY GOD! THANK YOU!” she enthusiastically screams out. “SO, WHERE DO YOU START WITH FOREPLAY?”

He whisks her out of the café to a more private place to continue her interview…

If you want to find out what happens next, please click the item page link above or here!



What is Renta!?

Renta! is a digital manga store based out of Tokyo, Japan. We offer exclusive, officially-translated manga in the genres of Love, Yaoi, Romance, Shojo, Tatecomi and Young Adult.

What sets us apart from other digital manga stores is that we are officially licensed and legal in our sales. No more hassles with trying to download manga illegally. Of course, that’s not the only thing that makes us great…

1. We provide manga directly to any device. This way you can read your favorite manga instantly without having to install any special applications, programs, or using a specific device! You can also install our app on your smart phone or tablet to browse and read our manga that way, but it is not required.

2. We offer two payment options: cash and tickets. Tickets can be purchased in sets of 10, 30, 50 and 100. If you purchase 30 tickets, you receive two extra tickets. If you purchase 50, you receive four extra tickets. And, if you purchase 100, you receive nine extra tickets. Tickets are extremely convenient since you will not be constantly charged when purchasing the next chapter of your favorite manga!
Please note: 1 ticket is $1 US (excl. tax)

3. You can choose between 48-hour or unlimited rentals. This provides you the option to rent a manga you may not want to purchase at first, but if you change your mind later, you can upgrade to the unlimited option!

4. We release new manga every week. This way you can continue reading your favorite manga as new chapters are released!

We plan to add many new features to our website in the very near future. We will introduce them as they are released, so please be sure to check back regularly for more updates.

For more information on Renta! and your favorite manga, please visit