The Desperate Fujoshi’s Starter’s Guide to Buying Digital Comics in Japanese

If you’re still learning Japanese and read well enough to kind of get by, but need a little help getting set up to find all your juicy favorites online in the original Japanese, this how-to might be for you.

There are several popular websites where you can buy digital manga for your instant reading pleasure, but I hope you will understand that since I work for English Renta! and more or less divert my paycheck directly back into the company via my personal account on the Japanese Renta! site, I am really only qualified to offer you a tutorial on how to sign up to buy digital manga online through Renta!

Before we get started though, I will mention one BL dedicated data directory site:

They are an amazing resource for all your BL needs, and even have a very detailed directory of what you’ll find in the manga you’re interested in reading. I mean VERY detailed. What positions, who goes where and to what extent and whether it’s beginner-friendly or smut-dripping-out-onto-your-keyboard pro level. I am always in awe.

Alright, let’s get started. This blog will walk you through the registration process. After that, it should be a bit easier to get set up, as it works pretty much the same way as our English site!

First, let’s just go to the main page:

PC vs Smartphone users will see things a bit differently.

If you’re on a regular PC, it’ll look something like this (Purple text is my translated notes):

Japanese Renta! on a Computer:

Japanese Renta! on a Smartphone:

So let’s sign up. I’ve been told that unfortunately we can’t use the exact same email address for both English and Japanese Renta! accounts, at least for now, so please choose a different email address to associate with your Japanese account if you already have an English account.

PC Registration


After you get all your info where it belongs, make sure you click YES on planning to read adult content at some point (unless I’m wrong?) and hit the big green registration button.

If you’re trying to register on your cell phone, you will see a slightly different page that allows you to do a quick registration by sending an email TO Renta!, but if you’re from outside of Japan I can see this getting really complicated really quickly, so for the sake of keeping things simple, let’s sign up using the exact same process I described for PC users above:

~For Smartphone Users~



Good Job!
Check Your Email!

good job

Good job! Unless you put in some weird symbols that the system can’t use for passwords or nicknames and all that nonsense, you should get this message saying that an email has been sent to the email address you provided, so let’s go there now and find it… (and be sure to check your spam box etc)

Welcome to my inbox…


And here you can see I got an email from Papyless / Renta! and so I clicked the link (on my phone now) and opened up a page that requests my password that I selected during registration:

Please confirm your password and complete your registration!


I input my password and clicked the big green button to confirm, and…

You’re a member now.
One of us…


There. Registration all done.

You can stop there and browse around til you find something you like, or, you can buy some points.

The point system works exactly the same as the English site. Just select how many points you’d like to charge up your account with, select your payment style, and go.

Select your addiction level:


There are a lot of payment options available if you’re IN Japan, but if you’re abroad then just find whatever works best for you.

I am not an expert on answering all the financial questions, so if you do have trouble there and want to ask someone at Renta! for help, please rest assured that if you send an inquiry on the Japanese site, someone from the other side of the office WILL come over to the English site’s department, probably crying, and we will do our best to help you!

Remember, Japanese dictionaries are awesome and there are a lot of sites available to help you learn, but there’s nothing quite like practicing your hiragana and katakana on moans in the manga’s native language.

I don’t feel I explained everything very clearly, but I would at least like some praise for running everything through mspaint on my home computer before it goes extinct.

I believe in you. You can do this. It just takes a little getting used to! Soon you’ll be checking new releases at midnight JST…