New Releases for 5/31

Here are the releases for this Friday, May 31st! If you have any questions, make sure to let me know in the comments.


Title: Kiss and Tell (Chapter 30)
Author: Anna Takamura

Leo is jealous of his playboy older neighbor, Ryosuke, for being handsome and lucky in love. Leo has problems of his own and is ashamed about his own inability to perform. However, when they both go to a party and kiss each other on a dare, Leo finds that his passions may be going in a different direction than he expected…

The Guy I Hate by Moto Haruyama (Chapter 2)
Marriage in Prison -Bear My Child- by mamoru (Chapter 21)
[VertiComix] Me and My Step-brother by Mawo Aoyama (Chapter 12)


Title: User’s Gude to a Woman’s Body
Authors: Ruchia Mita/Yakan

Despite working as an editor for an adult manga, Yui’s love life isn’t exactly ideal. “Dead fish” is not exactly what you want to go for when you’re trying to have a good time. Finally, she meets the attractive Masaki, who’s basically the sweetest guy ever. There’s no way she could get dumped by him! There’s just the problem of his equally attractive but very much not sweet brothers…

Gender-Swap at the Delinquent Academy -He’s Trying to Get My First Time!- by Yori Takao (Chapter 25) [25% OFF UNTIL JUNE 7TH!]
The Wolf Prince’s Prey by Sankaku (Chapter 4)
Would You Care For a Butler? by Sora Haruno (Chapter 6)
[VertiComix] Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! by Hiraku Miura (Chapter 6)


Title: A Very Public Affair
Author: Ryo Arisawa/Sally Wentworth

On a cold winter night six years ago, the handsome millionaire Jack Straker took in a homeless girl named Clare. However, after Jack’s father passed away, they ended up sleeping together. But, the next day, he gave her a check and tells her he’s already married. Now, Clare is a 25-year-old antiques appraiser living with her son and a dark secret, when she ends up running into the man she never wanted to see again…

Agenda: Attraction! by Yutta Narukami/Jessica Steele
Accidental Baby by Harumi Benisako/Kim Lawrence
Dark Intentions by Mayu Takayama/Carol Buckland


Title: A Second Away from a Kiss
Author: Sui Souda

Rikka volunteers to write her school’s play, thinking it’s a historical performance, but finds out that it’s actually a fairy tale. Not knowing the first thing about that kind of stuff, her handsome but bossy childhood friend Izuru forces her to go to his house and read all of his sisters’ girls comics. He even suggests a kissing scene to close off the performance. But, when the princess for the play comes down with a cold on the day of the performance, Izuru suggests Rikka act as the princess, despite Izuru being the prince! He tells her he’ll stop a second before the kiss, but…

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Review: Do Androids Dream of Love?

Philip K. Dick would be proud.
Because who doesn’t want a touch of sci-fi in their love manga?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a robot to do all your housework for you, and more? For me at least, if I could just be able to get out of cleaning my apartment AND also get a cute puppy-dog companion like Akito, the android in this story, I would be able to live the rest of my life happily.

Title: Do Androids Dream of Love?
Author: Ryo Hidaka
Japanese title: Android wa Ai no Yume wo Miru ka? (アンドロイドは愛の夢を見るか?)

Page link:

However, Riko, the primary heroine of our story, is a bit different. By all accounts, she’s had kind of a rough life. Her mother passed away when she was young, and her genius inventor father spent all his time in the laboratory creating new technology instead of really taking care of her. With a childhood like that, it’s not surprising that Riko ended up kind of a loner growing up.

Cut to the present day, and her quiet, lonely life changes when her father passes away and leaves her with a humanoid robot he calls Akito, programmed to be her companion and to make her feel as comfortable as possible. That means all that boring stuff like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of housework. Akito is also a learning robot, which means he can adapt and synthesize information to inform his decisions. The result is that Akito’s personality is like a cross between a wide-eyed child exploring the world for the first time, and a loyal dog ready to do anything for love and affection.

The story really gets interesting while the two of them are watching a movie on TV. Akito gets really curious about the human concept of “kissing” and is eager to try it out for himself. Riko is understandably a little bit uncomfortable, but Akito is just emulating what he sees on the screen. That’s a life lesson for future parents out there: make sure you always know what your kids are watching! But, just how far will they go? You’ll have to read on to find out how the rest of the story develops.

This story’s art is beautiful and it’s definitely a rising fan favorite on Renta! As the series continues, Riko and Akito continue to develop and learn to live together, for better or for worse. Riko is no pushover herself, but it’s hard not to melt a little bit in the face of Akito’s emotional expressions (which is kind of ironic, because in Riko’s words, he’s “just a freakin’ robot”). Akito’s just so cute and trying so hard, it’s impossible to stay mad at him forever! If you like a touch of sci-fi spec fic mixed in with your smut, then I think you’ll really enjoy Do Androids Dream of Love? As of this post, it’s currently on Chapter 2, but there’s definitely more to come soon!

New Releases for 5/28

Hello readers! My name’s Nate, and hopefully you’ll be seeing me around on the blog. Happy to be here! Let’s get right into the new releases for this week.


Title: I Love You, Satsuki (Chapter 5)
Author: sawaco

25% OFF UNTIL JUNE 4TH! In a scene straight out of a manga, Satsuki gets a letter asking him to go to the roof. But, what he was not expecting was being asked out by another guy!

Trapped in an Elevator! -Two Hot Salarymen, Going Up!- by Kurumi Otsuki (Chapter 13)
Tokyo Love Affair by Chitose Yu (Chapter 4)


Title: I Can’t Fall in Love with My Husband! (Chapter 2)
Author: Akira Fujiwara

Akane married the company hotshot Takuya because he was the only person who could satisfy her in bed. Now that they’re married and living together, will she be able to actually fall in love with him as a person?

I Can’t Fall in Love with My Husband (Chapter 2) by Akira Fujiwara
I’m Not Going Home Tonight… -At a Loe Hotel with My Wicked Coworker!- (Chapter 35) by Tento Nanahoshi/uroco
You’re Too Nice! -I’m Not Letting You off Until You’re Mine- (Chapter 9) by Misaki Tachibana/Ui Shishiyama
Sadistic Bartender -My Naughty Body Is Drunk on Love (Chapter 2) by Hikaru Kurosaki


Title: 15 Years Old: Starting Today We’ll Be Living Together (Chapter 41)
Authors: Aco Momota/uroco

Hiyori moves to her apartment before her first day of high school only to find her childhood friend unexpectedly is living in the same apartment! He tells her he can’t hold himself back and goes in to kiss her!


Title: Love Starts From Your Thirties
Author: Ryuta Amazume

Sakura Uehara has been working all her life, with no time for a relationship. After being pressured, she finally caves to go on a date with young hotshot Yu. Will their age gap prove to be too much of a stumbling block?

Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa (Chapter 14) by Takeshi Ohmi
The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors And Hostel Behavior (Chapter 4) by Miyahara Ruri


Title: Claimed
Author: Rina Yokoi/Tracy Wolff

Isa, a former jewel thief, finds herself thrust back into her old life when she reunites with Marc, the man from whom she stole a priceless heirloom.

In Too Deep by Yoshiko Hanatsu/Lori Foster
The Marriage Possession by Mizuho Ayabe/Helen Bianchin
The Last Marchetti Bachelor by Akemi Maki/Teresa Southwick
Lord Havelock’s List by Chieko Hara/Annie Burrows