Best of Renta! for August 2019

Hello everyone! As August winds down, I’d like to share with you our favorite manga on Renta! for this month. Read on to find out our best and most popular manga this month and share your favorites in the comments!

Hello everyone! As August winds down, I’d like to share with you our favorite manga on Renta! for this month. Read on to find out our best and most popular manga this month and share your favorites in the comments!


Title: He’s a Predator
Author: Yuji Toriba

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Starting things off, we have this spicy BL featuring a pair of friends whose relationship gets a bit strange once the super-stressed Yuma gives his persistent friend Yasuharu permission to “eat” him. Possessive semes, confused ukes, and a story that might just be so hot you get the chills. If you like steamy stories that ramp up fast, you should take a bite out of this story too! Also check out author Yuji Toriba’s other stories on Renta!


Title: That Unexpected Side to My Childhood Friend -Watch Out for the Animal in Him!-
Author: Nonda Noda

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It’s not hard to see why Nonda Noda’s works often appear at the top of the charts at Renta! The art is downright beautiful, and the stories are interesting and usually a breath of fresh air. That’s no different with this story, about a tough girl who wants to be cute for the guy she likes, combined with a fluffy guy who might possibly have a little bit of a secret dark side to him. Nonda Noda is also no stranger to Renta!, and you can check out their other works here.


Title: The Bridesmaid’s Secret
Authors: Yu Asami/Fiona Harper

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If you’re a Harlequin fan, you’ll be happy to know that this manga ticks all the boxes: a thrilling secret, check! A forbidden love, check! All the romance and passion you could ever hope for, check, check, and check! Jacqueline and Romano dated when they were teenagers, but after she told him one secret, they haven’t seen each other for years. And now, years later, with Jacqueline a successful editor for a famous magazine and Romano an international designer and model, they meet again at Jacqueline’s sister’s wedding.


Title: The Duchess of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-
Authors: Kinosaki Kazura/Tsuredurebana

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The Duchess of Rosia is a classic manga whose enduring popularity continues to make me happy. After all, it’s such a cute story of a woman forced into a brand new situation, and she just kinda wants to do her own thing! Beautiful art, a great story, and a charming cast of characters tie everything together in this fantasy comedy manga about the daughter of a small-time earl getting thrust into a political world with a “contract marriage” to a handsome duke!


Title: Want to Sell Me Your Body?
Author: Haiji Sanada

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Continuing the cuteness, we have this combination yuri/shojo/amazing manga reaching the top of the yuri charts this month. What happens when a high schooler plagued by terrible luck is forced to live with a kickass debt collector? Apparently, a sweet blossoming coming-of-age romance between two characters who you just can’t help but root for. Unlike the young protagonist Tsukasa, you don’t need to get thrown deep into debt to check out this heartwarming story. Also check out Haiji Sanada’s other fantastic works on Renta!


Title: Filthy Full Frontal Express -Teaching the Teacher…-
Author: Naisho

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And now for something completely different. Don’t get whiplash, as the top shonen story this month is a table-turning, eye-catching story about a teacher with secret fantasies, and a student willing to take control and make it all happen. If you just want to indulge in some fantasies of your own, definitely check this comic out!

I’ll Make You Eat Those Words – Sonic Adventure 2 and the Translation Check

I’m sure some people might be wondering what exactly we do here at Renta!, so I thought I’d like to talk a bit about what it’s like to work here. As it turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than sitting around reading manga every day. Although, as you might be able to imagine, the conversations around the office do tend to be a bit geekier than most…

So what exactly is the process before the manga is released in English and everyone is happy reading their perfectly translated content? Well, as it turns out, it’s not as simple as running the original Japanese through the magic translation machine and getting a perfect English copy.

Of course, the first step is stripping the text and translating the Japanese into English. Depending on the size and content of the manga, this can be a time-consuming task on its own. A slice-of-life high school romance will naturally take less time to translate than a fantasy epic with lots of weird magic spells and fancy character and place names.

Once the manga is translated, that’s not the end for our lovely new English text. Here at Renta!, we are proud of the quality of our translations, so we always make sure to have translations looked at by another professional. While all of our translators are amazing, we don’t have any magical space employees at Renta! either, so of course there are always some spelling mistakes or strange grammar, as well as the occasional mistranslation. In fact, I might even go far as to say that the check is the most important part of the translation process!

Depending on the media, it’s not hard to tell when a translation doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Sometimes there’s a deadline that has to be made. Sometimes there’s an issue that’s out of the creators’ control. Whatever the reason, sometimes you get weird or interesting translations that probably should’ve been checked a bit better. And I think that was the case for a game I really enjoy, Sonic Adventure 2. For a game that was developed over a span of only 18 months, I think it turned out mostly pretty well! Except for some weird translation quirks that I think could have benefited from a bit more polish.

But you can always pet the chao.

While Sonic Adventure 2 is well-loved for its sometimes unnatural translation, it screams to me like something that was written in a hurry and not given the the developer’s full attention. Numerous fan-retranslation projects also exist because Sonic fans have proven time and time again that they’re nothing if not passionate about their favorite blue vaguely hedgehog-resembling speed demon.

The power of angry fans literally convinced SEGA not to use this disgusting two-eyeballed monstrosity months before its major release.

Whether it’s the overuse of stilted and kind of unnatural phrases like “Long time, no see!” or dialogue where two characters bizarrely cut each other off mid-insult despite the cutscene being timed and recorded for the English dub (?), there’s a few things that really make me wonder if SEGA simply didn’t have enough time to send the text off to get that extra spit-shine.

At Renta!, we all believe in delivering the absolute best translation possible, and that’s why we really take the time and effort to deliver truly polished products to our readers. Sometimes this means that highly requested series don’t quite make it out in English at Sonic speeds, but rest assured we’re doing everything in our ultimate power to make sure English readers are as happy and fulfilled as people reading in the original Japanese. Our goal is to give you your money’s worth!