August in a Glance: Yaoi by the Book

Here’s a handy list of all the by-the-book Yaoi we put out this August!

Manga by the Book

Alone with You

Alone With You
(暴愛フレンドシップ・Bouai Friendship)
by Zundamochiko
Link to Manga

This was a surprisingly sensual release, and I love the way romance and lust weave their way through this high school setting. Both of the boys share a certain loneliness in common: One of them expresses it through being fake and popular, never opening up to anyone. The other? Just never made any friends at all, so he’s super shy and pure. It’s the kind of relationship where they make each other better, unintentionally lol. If you haven’t read it and want something sexy yet a little bit heartwarming, this is a fun read to pick up.

Edited by Sarah! Yay!


I'll Have My Cake And Eat It Too.PNG

I’ll Have My Cake and Eat It, Too
(アレがしたい、コレがほしい。・Are ga Shitai Kore ga Hoshii)
by Jimi Fumikawa
Link to Manga

Jimi Fumikawa fans rejoice, this is a funny, smutty comic, just like we like it. There are several stories combined into one full volume for this Jimi Anthology, and I rather enjoy the silliness of the humor and the “in your face” no-shame flavor of sexuality. The title comic is an office romance with a boss uke who just can’t get enough of his employee’s amazing… performance?


Life Ain't So Bad

Life Ain’t So Bad
(世界はそんなに悪くない・Sekai wa Sonna ni Warukunai)
by Si Mitsuru
Link to Manga

Ohh baby. This was SO cute and SO funny and SO hot, it turned me into a Si Mitsuru fan instantly. The little cute one is was a virgin until he stumbled upon his dream guy in a public bath late one night. The adult video star who turned him on online was now turning him on.. well you get it. The uke’s purity and sincerity brought a sparkle back into the life of the seme… who was actually quite used to being an uke, himself. There were HINTS of switching, and I swear he almost got there. I think there was a little tip…. surely Mitsuru Sensei will satisfy our need for “reversible” couples in a bonus chapter someday.

This was also edited by me, and I spent an inordinate amount of time polishing the translation and erasing sfx, so I can personally guarantee you’ll have fun with this one. The reviews are really nice, too. Yay : )

(Sensei just published a brand new manga in Japanese called “Megumi and Tsugumi” and oh my lord… It’s hilarious. and Omegaverse. And coming to you in English soon.)


Love x Devil Apprenticeship

Love X Devil (Apprenticeship)
(らぶ×デビ(仮)~見習い悪魔と3つの願い~・Love X Debi Kari Minarai Akuma to Mittsu no Negai)
by Ikuya Fuyuno
Link to Manga

It’s a Love Devil, get it? He’s not a full devil yet. He’s in training!

To pass his last exam, devil apprentice Togo Nishizaki must seal a pact with reclusive college student Makoto Sugishita and grant him three wishes in exchange for his chastity and “essence.”

Essence, yes. (We keep it sort of PG, but I think we all know what “essence” means.) I’m a big fan of the angel/devil couples, so this is one that needs to go on my reading list. Mmm, glasses. Mmm nice horns. The good reviews and the free sample pages have me sold, so I am committed now.


Master and Doggy

Master and Doggy
(ご主人様とワンコ・Goshujin-Sama to Wanko)
by Sakira
Link to Manga

Unless you’re completely new to the BL scene, you’ve probably heard of Sakira. You may even instantly become overwhelmed with visions of hot beefy semes AND ukes, because this artist is quite famous for that, as you can probably tell from the cover here! This is a wild and fast-paced collection of stories by Sakira that we’re very excited to have in English. I do love doggies.


Reamed on Livestream Volume 4

Reamed on Livestream -Forced to Climax Live Online!!- Volume 4
(ご主人様とワンコ・NukoNuko Douga Gachi Iki Kyousei (Nama)Haishin)
by Merino
Link to Manga

Nama Haishin. Hehe. NukoNuko Douga. Sigh. Okay yes hello I am back. There are just too many puns in this title. It’s a very ecchi take on the live streaming trope, and I am pretty sure they’re taking this couple through all the humanly possible scenarios, and maybe some that aren’t. It’s deceptively cute for such a topic, but wow. They sure do get in there and do that. If you enjoy stories about exhibitionist ukes, this is a wild one!


Star-Crossed Paintbrushes Volume 1

Star-Crossed Paintbrushes – Part 1
(星に落ちる絵筆・Hoshi ni Ochiru Enpitsu)
by Naro Sakuragawa
Link to Manga

I can’t get over how gorgeous these covers are. Everything I want to say about it was said by one of the reviewers:

This is an absolutely wonderful piece of art, I was entranced with every page. It’s only been a couple days since I read it and I’m already finding the wait for the second part unbearable. I cannot recommend this enough, it has everything that I personally look for in a story, and I’ve already re-read it several times.

I didn’t get to edit this one, but I did get to make advertising banners and art for it, so I feel BLessed.


Taira the Bully

Taira the Bully
(いじめっこの岡田くん・Ijimekko no Okada-kun)
by Kyo Kitazawa
Link to Manga

Taira, the seme there, was a bully to Saiji when they were kids. Saiji sees his chance to get revenge when he realizes that Taira’s forgotten all about him, but could this be Taira’s plan all along? Is there a chance that he’s still playing with Saiji and bullying him even now as adults? Not to throw spoilers around, but yes. At first he thought he didn’t care if Saiji hated him, as long as he felt passionately about him one way or another lol. But, it was fun to see Taira dealing with his immature feelings and trying to grow up a little. This was a light read, and is followed up by a second story about a poor unlucky guy who just can’t seem to find love.


Worship My Voice.PNG

Worship My Voice
(俺様ボイス・Ore-sama Voice)
by Chidori Sakuraba
Link to Manga

This is another huge artist that veteran BL fans will probably enjoy. It’s got 5 or 6 volumes including spin-off series, with recurring characters and lots of drama, and they all fall victim to the seductive powers of a nice, smooth voice.

Justin over at did a great review on this, so if you want to read more, check it out here.

Preview: Shouganai Kara Aishite Ageru

Yoko Ito, artist of the bestselling Allergic to Love, is back again with their latest work Shouganai Kara Aishite Ageru (しょうがないから愛してあげる). Its official release date and title on the English website is yet to be announced, but I guarantee you’ll love it.

We follow two coworkers: Sako Miyamura and Eiji Miya. They have nothing in common other than the fact that they joined the company at the same time and that Sako is in charge of his accounts.

Sako’s just your average Japanese office worker, but has a surprisingly feisty temperament and a thing for suits–in particular, Eiji’s. Every chance she can get, Sako ogles Eiji’s suits.

Eiji, on the other hand, is a handsome and intelligent hotshot salesman who’s so motivated, he’s hardly swayed by all the women in the office fawning over him. He’s so disinterested in others that he flat out turns down an invitation from the new-hire before she can even spit it out.

On the day when Sako and Eiji’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, Sako heads to the company file room and opens the door. She’s surprised to find Eiji going through the files. She thinks it must be her lucky day since she can get gawk at his suit to her heart’s content through the gap in the shelf without him noticing. She leans down in anticipation… but he’s gone!

Just then, she hears footsteps behind her. She turns around.

Eiji’s glaring at her. He barks at her to quit staring because it’s so distracting. He’s well-aware he’s gorgeous, but he’s beyond her league, so she shouldn’t get any ideas about having a chance with him.

Just as he smirks and turns to walk away, Sako throws her hands on his face and starts squishing it. She sarcastically apologizes for gawking, but just can’t help herself–his suit is too gorgeous! She doesn’t want to wrinkle it, so she’s intentionally squishing his face.

Hell hath no fury like an office worker denied her suit-viewing privileges. She doesn’t give a shit about Eiji’s looks or personality–she just wants a good look at that suit! Eiji’s simultaneously taken aback by her hot temper and enamored with her for her passion for and knowledge of suits.


We are currently working on the lettering, but hope to have it released soon! I will announce when it is released. In the meantime, check out Yoko Ito’s other work here!



Review: My Fickle Jaguar

My Fickle Jaguar (気まぐれなジャガー Kimagure na Jaguar) is the latest addition of Unohana‘s works to Renta!’s English-language website. I have had the pleasure to edit its translations as they come out. Although I have been working in Renta! as an editor for only one year, let me tell you–this is nothing like the other BL/Yaoi that I have had the opportunity to read and/or edit in my short time here.


As one user review put it…

“The plot is quite different from the typical BL: theres [sic] no more of the cat and mouse, back and forth of getting to a love declaration (ot [sic] ahem, a night together). The main couple is two interesting adults who are together in love, but the slow reveal of how they get to that point is so riveting. The music industry background is also fascinating. I love love looove this manga and I can’t wait to read the rest of it!!!!”

I can fully stand behind this review. That’s why I’ve chosen to review it here, so get your guitars and picks ready. You’ll need them.

My Fickle Jaguar starts at Arata Aso’s apartment. Sitting up in bed with his smart phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Arata’s scrolling through an online forum.

“What’s Shiina doing now?”
“Who’s Shiina?”
“Sojun Shiina, from Peg.”
“Yeah. After Peg split up he was the backup in some other bands and did some side projects. But I haven’t seen him at all lately.”
“But what’s he doing now? I mean, is he still alive?”
“Don’t kill him! LOL!”
“But he vanished!”
“Is he in Alaska or something?”

Pull back from Arata’s screen. A man is lying asleep next to him. Arata scrunches his eyebrows, puts his cigarette to his lips, and says:

“[In fact Shiina] is sleeping right next to me.”

Three months earlier, Sojun (A.K.A. Shiina) showed up at Arata Aso’s doorstep.

“Arata, I’m hungry,” he proclaimed as he threw his arms around Arata’s waist and his stomach growled. The main course: Arata à la carte.

We learn then that Sojun Shiina is a professional musician, but he’s bordering on the title of ex-musician (since his fans wonder if he’s even alive). Three years prior to the beginning of My Fickle Jaguar, Sojun tells his band members from Peg that he’s taking a break and bounces between Japan and other countries. He’s so fickle that he hardly stays in one place for more than a few months. Three months away from Japan (and Arata), however, is the shortest that he’s ever been away. Arata can’t help but find it unusual.

Arata Aso, on the other hand, is an editor at a music magazine. He’d dreamed of becoming a professional musician like Sojun, but gave up after he realized he had no talent and would never reach Sojun’s level. He took up writing instead so that he could share Sojun, the center of his universe, and his talent with the world. He’s miffed that Sojun is so self-centered and unaware of his feelings that he runs away for months at a time, though.

This time, Sojun confesses that he missed Arata so much he “wanted to die”. They’ve discussed his leaving endlessly before. He’s always replied in the same manner. Arata wonders why he leaves if he feels the way he says he does. He knows that Sojun is as fickle as a cat (Jaguar) and that he only goes to Arata when he feels like it. Yet, he can’t help but loving him…

Although currently up to volume 6, the intertwining of Arata and Sojun’s dreams, careers and relationship is totally captivating. You won’t want to miss out on this one! Check it out from the item page here!


Public Letter to Scanlation Groups

Dear Scanlators,

I think we share a lot in common.

We both love Japan and its culture, and especially the language. We love manga, and some of you in particular share a love for BL (yaoi) that runs very deep. Sometimes it feels like we exist within a niche inside a niche hidden in another niche market, so knowing that other people are out there who share our passion is kinda cool.

In a way, we are like family. But like family, some siblings get along quite well while others hate each other.

I feel like scanlation groups who treat artists with respect and stop working on titles that have been officially licensed or released are the siblings with principles that I can at least understand and appreciate. We get along just fine. It’d be nice to have you helping to do things the legal way, but at least I know you’re not releasing anything out of spite or rage. You do it out of love.

However… I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the rationale of certain groups who talk badly about Renta! and insist on continuing to scanlate manga that has already been licensed and released in English through our services.

I feel like there is a genuine misunderstanding of the facts, so I felt inspired to reach out today and correct some of the misinformation that these groups must genuinely believe to cause them to feel that way.

I would not call anyone out specifically (at least not today) because I’m not here to make enemies, but I would like to address certain statements directly here on our staff blog where anyone can access it.

Welcome to…


Scanlation Misinformation

I received the following comments from a certain scanlation group who continues to release a particular manga that has been on our site legally since 2015:

Scanlation Misinformation

“Regarding our working on other “licensed” titles… We continue to work on titles picked up by Renta. Renta is a Japanese company with no English licenses in the U.S., Europe, etc. They are also, in our opinion, a parasite on the industry.

“The way Renta works: They pay outsourced people to give them what are essentially mediocre scanlations of various titles, and they pay the parent publisher a fee for the rights to produce digital versions of those titles in English. Then they charge the unsuspecting and/or desperate reader exorbitant amounts of money to look at their outsourced mediocre scanlations. The original artists get paid royalties for the digital copies – but those royalties amount to peanuts, basically. The artists are getting screwed, the consumers are getting screwed, and Renta is raking in money for doing virtually nothing.”

I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll just go in order.

“Renta is a Japanese company with no English licenses in the U.S., Europe, etc.”

Fact Check: FALSE

Renta’s company address is in San Francisco and we are officially an American company. Hello.

Location of Renta Offices

Although the Japanese Renta! has been around for over 20 years, and we originally worked as a department in that company, the English Renta! has officially split from our Japanese partner, and all our digital translation licenses are for the English language rights globally. That would be true regardless of whether or not we’re based in Tokyo, so accusing us of not having rights in America or Europe for that reasoning is just a very narrow, misinformed interpretation of copyright laws that are not on your side.

It’s true though that we grew up in Japan and I still work here in the Tokyo office as a full-time employee and editor. It’s convenient at this time to walk over and ask our Japanese support staff to contact the publisher or the artists’ agents and get legal permission directly for each and every image or graphic we share, complete with a copyright mark notating the artist and publisher, which is perhaps not something a scanlation group would be used to doing, I imagine.

“The way Renta works: They pay outsourced people to give them what are essentially mediocre scanlations of various titles…

Fact Check: FALSE

On the English Renta! team in this company, we currently have five full-time editors including myself. When I was hired late last year, there were only two. That’s one reason we’ve been growing so fast recently, putting out more titles each week. The five are responsible for quality control of everything translated for us and by us. 

Renta! is the official translator, and nothing goes on the site without multiple careful reviews. It’s really time-consuming, actually, but this is currently the best way to ensure quality work. Everyone who works with us gets paid for their work, but the only name that gets printed in the end is “Renta!” because that’s just how the system works, unfortunately. I don’t even get to put my name on it. I work for Renta! so it’s not mine. Get it? Otherwise you would see my name signed all over the damn place because I need constant validation, reassurance, and approval. We do offer our freelance translators a place on the website to comment and take credit for their hard work.

It is true, however, that we have lots of partners we work with to get things translated and lettered. Some of those partners are freelance translators, translation checkers, or letterers, and some of them are companies. However, we have yet to find any company we trust enough to just release manga in the state that they send it to us. That would be… *shivers*

If you expect the five of us to put out 15 full volumes and a million ongoing chapter updates per month doing each translation, lettering, and final check ourselves, you are insane. That’s what scanlation groups do. But if we tried to do that as a company, we wouldn’t be able to bring you a fraction of the full amount we currently release now twice a week.

That’s why I am an editor, not a translator. (Although ultimately I do have to thoroughly check things as if I were looking at it for the first time, comparing the Japanese original to the English to make sure it says exactly what the original language intended it to say, in the very same art style or as close as we can get, in a visually appealing way. It’s…….. a fun job.)

Yes. Part of our jobs as editors is to go through all that with a comb, making changes in both the language and art layout where necessary, to make sure everything looks as good as possible with an eye for perfection. A mistake or typo will OCCASIONALLY slip through because we are human, but to prevent myself from wanting to tear my own hair out and stab myself to death, I try my hardest to get things right before it is released. That’s just what it means to be professional. I couldn’t forgive myself for putting anything out into the world as a product of someone else’s art that was anything less than my best.*

*Sidenote: Perfectionism is a disease, not something to be proud of. Don’t try this at home, kids. It’s very unhealthy.

I kind of understand why the scanlation group in question called that particular title mediocre, though. I took a look today at the manga they insist on continuing to scanlate, years after its release. The official manga was translated and lettered by two different companies who we no longer work with at all (for a reason, clearly), and the font choices alone hurt my eyes and heart.

Four or five years ago, we were still basically a start-up company on the English side, growing very quickly but not having quite the standards of quality we have today. That is around the time when this particular manga was first published that this particular scanlation group used to judge Renta as a whole.

I would ask, however, that you judge us based on how we work today, and not how things were in the beginning. Our quality standards are so tight now that Renta!’s nsfw translated manga is of higher quality than huge companies that do big name series. Again, I’m not here to point fingers or make enemies, but I’m sure you could name a few titles yourself.

Try out something we’ve done in the last few years and then call me again. Preferably something done by me personally. I will stand by it. If you need recommendations, I have a ton!

“and they pay the parent publisher a fee for the rights to produce digital versions of those titles in English.”

Fact Check: FALSE

We pay the publisher of each artist a percentage of the sales for each specific manga according to individual contracts for each title. Occasionally we have contracts for “all the titles that come out from this artist under this publisher” but the money flows directly to them all the same.

We do not pay a margin (“MG”) for the rights to produce digital versions of those titles in English. That’s what all the other companies do, so maybe they just assumed this was true of us, too.

Artists get paid when people buy their work from us. End of story.

“Then they charge the unsuspecting and/or desperate reader exorbitant amounts of money to look at their outsourced mediocre scanlations.”

Fact Check: FALSE and FALSE

There are two points I’d like to address here.

The first is that we set a high price. Actually, with the way publishing works in Japan, we have little to no say in the price at all.

The PUBLISHER sets the price. You know… those people who, without which, the artists would not be able to get their books into book stores or sell physical OR digital copies without their support and cooperation. Yes them. They are sometimes a pain to work with because there are humans in those buildings and you know how that can be, but without them your artists would not get paid and you wouldn’t even know about their work because it wouldn’t exist, at least not in the format or reach it has today.

These are not self-published works or doujinshi. The manga industry would not exist without them.

If you wanted to do things legally instead of scanlating, you could actually contact the publishers and ask them directly for permission to get the rights to translate and sell an artist’s manga on your own site with your own translations and English lettering.

They will probably say no, because they have no trust in your ability to sell the manga or honor the contract so that artists would be compensated because of your history of giving their products away for free with no compensation. There’s also no guarantee on the quality. This is not a slam, it is just how the publishers would see an unknown group with no track record to prove you could make the artist (and of course the publisher) money by selling their works to a larger audience.

Do you understand where they’re coming from?

They were once a small group of people who wanted to get manga (and other books/publications obviously) out there into the world. That’s why there are so MANY of them, actually!

Another option would be to start your own publishing group, finding and nurturing your own artists until they get famous enough to sell to fans around the world. You could do things digitally or in print, but I dare you to imagine how it would feel to have YOUR hard work taken and distributed by free by individuals who think they’re doing you a favor.

If you can’t imagine how the publisher would feel, I’m sure you could imagine how it would feel as the artist.

Also, we literally have nothing to do with scanlating. Nothing we do is scanned by us, and therefore doesn’t need adjusting for quality. The publishers and artists give us their work directly. They send us the files from the original.

Do you know how amazing it feels to get a file where everything is zoomable down to the pixel, and every layer is separate so that with a click of the button you can make all the Japanese disappear?

We got a few covers this week like that, and I thought my senpai was going to pass out from joy. Removing the editing from the cover actually revealed art that wasn’t even VISIBLE on the Japanese original.

Just try to imagine and savor that feeling. It is… orgasmic.

Many times they will just send us a file that has already been combined and we do have to clean it. But when they send us those layer separated files… it’s just the best feeling you’ve ever had.

“The original artists get paid royalties for the digital copies – but those royalties amount to peanuts, basically. The artists are getting screwed, the consumers are getting screwed, and Renta is raking in money for doing virtually nothing.”

Fact Check: FALSE

As I said before, the artists get paid a percentage of the sales. The artists ARE getting screwed, but not by us.

And trust me, Renta is not raking in money for the work we do. If it were, we would be demanding raises. Every single one of us works here out of love. We are broke. Sad tear. I tell you that not so you will pity me, but so you will understand the absurdity of what you said in that quote.

If you want to support a starving artist, you can make direct deposits to my paypal account. Just lemme know.


This turned into a long post so I’ll pause here, although there is one more group who was talking badly about us out of sheer misinformation, and I will address that in a future blog.

Let me wrap up this blog by saying something very important:

Manga artists hate it when people scanlate their work. However, they love Renta! for what we do, because we are not some terrible company. We are a legitimate bookstore run by otaku trying to make a difference and do things the right way. Did you see the exclusive illustrations that Ikuyasu, Wacoco Waco, Kyohei Azumi, and Tsutako Tsurusawa drew for us? 

They drew… exclusive illustrations of their hot af characters… just for Renta! users. They made announcements on their own official twitter accounts about it. They responded to my public comments that I was able to make directly where I shared links to their work. They retweeted MY announcements and commented on them. The publisher retweeted me, too. I get to communicate with all our artists frequently on twitter and they constantly tell me how happy they are that we translated their titles with care.

No scanlation group in their right mind would announce directly to the artist that you’re releasing their work insisting they should be grateful to you. And I think you know why.

That is the difference.

Please stop spreading misinformation. If you have genuine questions, ask me! I will try to respond. If I don’t know the answer, I will ask people in the business who do. But to continue releasing manga that we’ve already got for sale that actually supports the artists, that’s just mean, entitled, unjustified, and hurtful to the artist, to the publisher, and everyone else involved. In fact I think it gives a bad name to scanlator groups who try to do the right thing and remove the licensed work of artists they claim to love.

Please don’t be the black sheep of this family.

For more information about why piracy hurts artists and how Renta actually works, please read this post by Chase, another full-time editor here in our office who knows what he’s talking about.

Or read this blog by an actual published author in English-language novels/fiction whose explanation was very easy to understand.

July in a Glance: Yaoi by the Book

Continuing from the full list of Yaoi manga updates for July (by the chapter), here’s my list of full book-length volumes we released this month!

Continuing from the full list of Yaoi manga updates for July (by the chapter), here’s my list of full book-length volumes we released this month!

Manga by the Book

Falling Slowly

Falling Slowly
(いややいややもすきのうち?・Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi?)
by Kishimoto
Link to Manga:


Leopard White Paper (Volume 6 & 7): The Indecent Gentleman
(レオパード白書:いやらしの彼・Leopard Hakusho: Iyarashi no Kare)
by Yuzuha OUGI
Link to Manga:

My Beloved North Star

My Beloved North Star
(ナビガトリアに恋・Navigatoria ni Koi)
by Ayu Sakumoto
Link to Manga:

My Sweetheart is Always Turned On

My Sweetheart is Always Turned On!!
(恋人・絶賛発情中!!・Koibito Zessan Hatsujouchuu)
by Yoichiro Kohga
Link to Manga:

Pure Ties are Sweeter - Prequel to Bodysuit Fetish

Pure Ties are Sweeter
(純縛スウィーター・Junbaku Sweeter)
Sequel/Spin-off to Bodysuit Fetish (一枚越しフェティッシュ・Ichimai Goshi Fetish)
by Uni Yamasaki
Link to Manga:


Restraint Program
(拘束プログラム・Kousoku Program)
by Naduki Koujima
Link to Manga:

Sweet Chains of Love Use Your Voice

Use Your Voice 3: Sweet Chains of Love
(彼のあまい束縛~こえのお仕事3・Kare no Amai Sokubaku Koe no Oshigoto)
by Chifumi Ochi
Link to Manga:

The Bistro Wolfs Predilection

The Bistro Wolf’s Predilection
(ビストロ狼の偏愛・Bistro Ookami no Henai)
by Sicago Shibuya
Link to Manga:

The Boy Who Cried Truth

The Boy Who Cried Truth
(オオカミ少年は嘘をつかない・Ookami Shounen wa Uso wo Tsukanai)
by Arakata
Link to Manga:

The Man I Want To Forget

The Man I Want To Forget
(忘れたい男・Wasuretai *Otoko (*read as: Hito))
by Aoi Kujyo
Link to Manga:


What I Don’t Understand About Him
(理解できない彼とのこと・Rikai Dekinai Kare to no Koto)
by Shimako Wan
Link to Manga:

You're my Princess

You’re My Princess
(君は僕の姫さま・Kimi wa Boku no Hime-sama)
by hiroto kujirada
Link to Manga:



Attack on Dicktan

Attack on Dicktan! There’s a Monster in my Pants!
(チン撃!巨コンリーマン♂・Chin Geki Kyokon Ri-man)
by Kei Kisaki
Link to Manga:

Boys Love Paradox

Boys’ Love Paradox
(腐男子パラドックス・Fudanshi Paradox)
by Tonari Toyama
Link to Manga:

Our Secret Summer Romance

Our Secret Summer Romance
(隠し事は夏にはじまる・Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru)
by Emi Mitsuki
Link to Manga:


June in a Glance: Yaoi by the Book

For easy reference, I’ve compiled a list of yaoi manga we released by the book this month! It’s like a success diary. Have no attention span? Here’s a list of all the manga we published by the chapter in June, too!

In alphabetical order (mostly):

Manga by the Book

1 & 2 & 15

1 & 2 & Fifteen
by Isa Naruse and Kirinko
Link to Manga:

Deadly Sugar Syrup

Deadly Sugar Syrup
(猛毒シュガーシロップ・Moudoku Sugar Syrup)
by Machi Suehiro
Link to Manga:

He's Mean Because He Likes You

He’s Mean Because He Likes You
(ひねくれさくらに恋が咲く・Hinekure Sakura ni Koi ga Saku)
by Saori Nobana
Link to Manga:

If The Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits
(恋を履かせる最高の条件・Koi wo Hakaseru Saikou no Jouken)
by RUNa
Link to Manga:

Leopard White Paper 4 The Peony Dripping with Love

Leopard White Paper Volumes 4-5
(レオパード白書・Leopard Hakusho)
by Yuzuha Ougi
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by Tsukasa Matsuzaki
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My Boyfriend's a Ticking Time Bomb

My Boyfriend’s a Ticking Time Bomb
(地雷カレシ・Jirai Kareshi)
by Hokke Shima
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Of Beasts and Men Rie Honjoh

Of Beasts and Men
(ケダモノ何匹?・Kedamono Nanbiki?)
by Rie Honjoh
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Sweet Whispers at Night Use Your Voice 2

Sweet Whispers at Night -Use Your Voice 2-
(夜のあまい囁き、声のお仕事2・Yoru no Amai Sasayaki, Koe no o-Shigoto 2)
by Chifumi Ochi
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The Uncharted Kingdom of Oriae
(その世のどこか、地図にない国・Sono Yo no Dokoka Chizu ni Nai Kuni)
by Nikke Taino
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When My Subordinate Strips

When My Subordinate Strips
(部下が裸に着替えたら・Buka ga Hadaka ni Kigaetara)
by Megumi Kanzaki
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One-Shots and Special Chapters

Welcome to the Yaoi Research Club 2 in 1 Bonus Chapter

Welcome to the Yaoi Research Club! 2 in 1 Bonus Chapter*
(ようこそ!BL研究クラブへ 二輪挿し編・Youkoso BL Kenkyuu Club e Nirin Zashi Hen)
by Haruta
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*This is a special bonus one-shot about putting 2 things in 1 hole, which was published separately from the original full volume “Welcome to the Yaoi (BL) Research Club!” also available now on Renta!

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