Best of Renta! for October 2019

Hey folks! With October already finished (somehow…), it’s time once again to round up the best and brightest for this year. If you need me after that, I’ll be binging on the rest of the half-off Halloween candy from the supermarket…

Hey folks! With October already finished (somehow…), it’s time once again to round up the best and brightest for this year. If you need me after that, I’ll be binging on the rest of the half-off Halloween candy from the supermarket…


Title: Question: Can a Straight Boss Go All the Way… with a Crossdressing Employee?
Author: Secco

Page link:

Okay, so this is actually number 2 on the best-sellers for this month. But I already covered the number 1 winner last month, so I thought I would do something different this time! Kei works at a women’s underwear manufacturer, and happens to enjoy trying on the products. But, when his boss Ono finds out, he’s got some trouble ahead…

With great art, a great story, and a cliffhanger that will leave you dangling for more, this is one you have to check out for yourself!


Title: Over-Cumming Writer’s Block
Author: Awaji Nae

Page link:

Over-Cumming Writer’s Block is a long-running series on Renta!, and it’s no stranger to the best-seller list. But with new issues coming out featuring our favorite inept writer and her random-stranger-turned-boyfriend elite banker, Fujishima, there’s no reason not to start reading this super-funny, super-sexy, beloved series right away!


Title: Married by Dawn
Author: Shion Hanyu/Marilyn Tracy

Page link:

Everyone loves a good fantasy romp now and then, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate October than with a story about vampires! Shion Hanyu delivers another beautifully drawn story about a romance between Tara, whose sister was unjustly killed by a mysterious undead creature, and Gavin, a beautiful but cold vampire! Will Tara be able to make Gavin’s cold heart feel again?


Title: I Don’t Like That Smile
Author: Hiroshi Daken

Page link:

With the #1 spot taken yet again by our popular contract marriage series, I turned to the #2, a lovely high school romance featuring two misunderstood students. Sumire is cold and surrounded by terrible rumors of the relationships she’s never had. Ritsuki is the most popular guy at school but can’t face his own feelings. Can these two broken people come together to form a fulfilling meaning?


Title: See You in Your Dreams
Author: James Hotate

Page link:

Who doesn’t love a good fantasy romp? Especially when our main character is a succubus who feeds on the love she gets in people’s dreams! With a premise like that, it’s no wonder people are taking notice. Shuji comes to his late father’s village to close his accounts, but finds his mistress to be much more than he can handle! Could he really live with a demon!?


Title: True Love That Starts with a Lie
Author: Wani Kurokoda

Page link:

A lot of the yuri we have on our site is just too cute not to read, and that’s definitely true of this month’s best-selling one-shot, True Love That Starts with a Lie, starring two high schoolers who at first glance couldn’t be more different, but actually share more in common than they think. Black-haired Ai is a self-professed pervert who doesn’t really have many friends, but ends up pretending to be knowledgeable about sex when the ditzy but surprisingly pure Liliya accidentally finds Ai’s “lucky condom!” Also check out Wani Kurokoda’s other one-shot featuring the same characters, No Release Until Ecstasy is Achieved!

New and Upcoming BL/TL for October

We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming this month, and I’m excited to share some of the biggest hits that are releasing throughout October.

Hello everyone! We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming this month, and I’m excited to share some of the biggest hits that are releasing throughout October. So grab your Halloween candy and join me as I take you through some of the exciting releases for October.


Title: Reframing
Author: Rie Honjoh

Release date: October 4

It’s already out! Check it out here:

Yutaka is a designer who does remote work and hates the sun. In fact, the only sunshine he needs in his life is his old childhood friend, Akira, a shop clerk at a glasses shop with an ultra-positive spirit. If only Akira knew how much Yutaka yearned for him… But what would that do? Akira is straight… A love story about a successful designer who doesn’t know how to open his heart! A bonus page exclusive to Renta! is included.

Rie Honjoh is no stranger to Renta! You can check out some other stories as well. Here is a link to their author page:[]=Rie+Honjoh&col=info&crd=1

Title: Just Between Friends
Author: Akira Yoshio

Release date: October 15

This manga is about Satoru, who has just started going out with his best friend from elementary school, Aya. They’re happy together, but it’s about time they took things into the bedroom. Satoru makes the first move, kissing Aya and reaching into his pants, only to get… rejected…!?

If you like a bit of fantasy injected into your BL, I also highly recommend Akira Yoshio’s other story on Renta!, The Red String of Fate!

Title: The Bully and the Cry Baby
Author: Riko Sakura

Release date: October 22

High school student Kyosuke despises his long-time rival, Eishi Takano, who has done nothing but make him cry since they were kids!! He told Eishi he’d get his revenge someday. One day, Eishi takes him into a toilet stall and teases him until he cries again. To make matters worse, Eishi tells him not to cry for anyone else…!?

For more school love by Riko Sakura, check out another story, Before You Fall in Love!

Title: Detested by the Demon Lord
Author: Yamada2chome

Release date: October 29

The protagonist, Mao, is the descendant of an ancient demon lord. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, they’re his to command! Mao’s spent his whole life ashamed of his lineage, but one day, he meets a man named Kamiko who claims to be the legendary hero that will defeat him. When it comes to how Kamiko plans to beat him, Mao is in for the shock of his life!


Title: Daydream Paradise Confusion -The King and I-
Author: Kanan Shima

Release date: October 4

This one’s already out, too! Here’s the link:

This manga is about Mei Hino, a geek who draws fan comics about her favorite dating simulation game (which revolves around the protagonist, King, and the multiple guys who fall in love with him). After having trouble with her rent, Mei has to start living with a stranger called Seiji… who looks exactly like King!! Seiji tells Mei not to fall in love with him, and she responds by saying she doesn’t find him attractive at all (because she’s not interested in real men). This hurts Seiji’s pride, and he sets out to prove he’s still desirable to women… Will the geek girl get her king!?

If you like sweet romantic comedies, may I also recommend Kanan Shima’s other work, Unbridled Affection -Will You Marry Me, Hana?- As of this writing, Chapter 1 is free to rent for 48 hours until October 11!

Title: Don’t Expose My Dark Past! -An Elite Businessman and a Former Idol-
Author: Amane Ninomae

Release date: October 4

It’s out! Click the link and see:

This is the story of a former idol (now an office worker), and a super elite businessman (with a potentially dark past). Miyu Tachibana is a former idol. Since her days of stardom, she has put on weight, cut her long, silky hair, and hidden herself behind a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses. What’s more, the screw manufacturer she now works for is struggling to stay in business. One day, Miyu encounters a new potential client representative by the name of Mr. Shiga. An elite businessman, Shiga seems calm and collected at first, but his angry stare and odd conduct seem to suggest there might be more to him…

Title: At the Mercy of the Great King Enma
Author: Haruo Haruyama

Release date: October 8

Yoshino, a young monk, fell down the stairs of her temple and died. She ends up in an otherworldly place, and was escorted to the ruler of hell, the Great King Enma! Yoshino is appointed to be King Enma’s lady-in-waiting, because of her strong spiritual power. She’s at his mercy every night, but can’t resent him because of his past. Even the rude King Enma has reasons for needing Yoshino… Are they in love? Are they a quarrelling couple?

Title: The Crimson Kitty and the Forest Watchdog
Author: Haru

Release date: October 11

This manga is about this town where animals live like people. Misha, a cat, finds a fixer-upper deep in the forest and decides to repair it and make it her home, but she isn’t making much progress. After a run-in with a hulking, muscular dog (?) named Hati, Misha makes a deal with him: assist her with repairs, and he can live there as well. Misha finds living with the strong, silent Hati to be a breeze, and the two set to work on the house. However, something starts to seem off about Hati. When Misha presses him for answers, she discovers that the full moon has worked Hati’s instincts into a frenzy… and his hungry eyes are set on her!

Author Spotlight: Mariko Nekono

For today’s author spotlight, we’re going to be looking at one of our favourite BL authors, Mariko Nekono (Japanese: 猫野まりこ)!

For today’s author spotlight, we’re going to be looking at one of our favourite BL authors, Mariko Nekono (Japanese: 猫野まりこ)!

One of my favourite things about Mariko Nekono is that they tend to focus on one volume stories, where you get a full story between two characters from start to finish, in a single 200~ page book. I always find that this way you get a really well rounded plot, that wraps up nicely at the end.

They also do quite a lot of sequels, where we get to see new story lines, or other sides to characters we already know very well. We all know how exciting it can be so see our favourite characters again! ヾ(´∀`)ノ

At Renta!, we’ve got two of Mariko Nekono’s longer running series available, so let’s take a look at them shall we!

Be sure to check out all of Mariko Nekono’s stuff on the Renta! store!

Drawn into Love
Drawn into Love
Drawn into Dreams
Drawn with Feeling

The Drawn into Love series focuses on the relationship between Yoshifumi and Ichito, two guys who have been friends since high school. Although they stop talking when Ichito became a movie star after graduation, the two have always longed for the day that they’d be reunited once again! (n´v`n) And that day finally comes, when Ichito brings his Yoshifumi X Ichito yaoi manga to Yoshifumi’s printing company! Talk about an awkward reunion…

Ichito’s adoration for Yoshifumi is super cute right form the start, especially when he gets all small and teary eyed. The most surprising this about this series is probably just how funny it is, and although the approach to their relationship is serious when necessary, you’ll be laughing out loud the rest of the time. There’s also a fairly serious and realistic approach to the couple’s sex life, as they slowly build up to going the whole way together. Overall it’s a very well balanced series that we think anyone can enjoy! ( ´∀`)b

Drawn into Love: The Demanding Author Falls for the Loser
The Demanding Author Falls for the Loser
The Demanding Author and the Fledgling’s One-sided Love

The Demanding Author series features one of the side characters from Drawn into Love, Jun Nanami, in his own romantic spin-off! After causing a whole world of problems for Yoshifumi and Ichito, Jun is being properly punished by being made to work… as a manga artist’s assistant? The last thing Jun wants to do is help some creep draw smut manga, but it just so happens that the artist he’ll be working with is none other than model Yudai Kase, Jun’s life-long idol!

Jun is not a particularly likeable character in the beginning, but that’s one of the real draws of this series. As much as it’s about hot model sex and nerdy jokes, Jun’s growth as a person is the central pillar of the story, with his relationship with Yudai being an important part of that. Yudai is an interesting character as well, and his possessiveness of Jun makes your heart skip a beat (´˘`)♡ The cherry on top for this series, is getting to see the guys from Drawn into Love every so often, getting involved in little side shenanigans!

Mariko Nekono’s ability to tie all their characters and stories together is truly impressive, and makes the world within the books feel full and real. We’re really looking forward to reading more of their stuff!

If you’re interested in seeing doodles and other stuff from Mariko Nekono, you can check them out on Twitter! (in Japanese)

A sketch of Ozaki and Akane, two side characters from Drawn into Love and The Demanding Author.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Mariko Nekono, so let us know in the comments below!

And remember, be sure to check them out on the Renta! store!

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ

Kris’s Korner: Bands and Boys

It might just be me, but I feel like recently BL series are getting anime adaptations more than they used to. Not just BL series in fact, but bishounen series in general have been getting more love, with a lot of reverse harems and male idol shows popping up as well (*´Д`)θ~♪~

It might just be me, but I feel like recently BL series are getting anime adaptations more than they used to. Not just BL series in fact, but bishounen series in general have been getting more love, with a lot of reverse harems and male idol shows popping up as well (*´Д`)θ~♪~

Although I tend to prefer watching cute girls doing cute things, I think it’s great to see more balance in anime, and more series aimed at female viewers being released!

One such series that was recently brought to my attention was Given, a BL manga about four guys in a band, which has an anime adaptation airing this July.

Here’s hoping the anime is as well received as the manga! I’ll certainly be giving it a watch.

Quite a few fujoshi I’ve spoken to over here in Japan seem to be really excited for it, so I’d highly recommend checking it out next season (it airs on July 12th) ( ´∀`)b


Music in anime and manga has long been a thing, from classics like Nana and Beck, to K-On!, and the recent Carole & Tuesday, which has been making waves online. Idol series have been thriving as well, for example Ensemble Stars! and IDOLiSH7 being a couple of the ones that seem to be getting a lot of attention recently.

Of course, with the copious amount of music themed manga and anime about, we’ve got you covered here at Renta! as well! So here are a couple of my recommendations (´▽`)

Title: I’m a Pop Star, Now Expose Me!
Author: Hokke Shima
Adult content: Yes
Link to store

Yukinari is searching for the scoop of his life, working as a paparazzo, but no good stories seem to be coming his way. That is, until he bumps into his old high school friend and idol super star, Subaru Nagare. Although Subaru’s been completely free of scandals for his whole career, one night of hot passion between the two old friends looks to change all of that in an instant. That is, if Yukinari publishes the story…

Although I’m not a big fan of voyeuristic stuff normally, there’s just a hint of it in this, and it gives me a bit of a thrill (*´Д`)=3 Subaru is an interesting character, as he has a lot of different sides to his personality. On stage, he’s a beautiful, brazen star, when he’s with Yukinari he’s sweet and fragile looking, and during the smut scenes he’s an absolute animal! It’s also really cute watching Yukinari trying to decide whether to expose Subaru and get his big story, or whether to protect him and keep him for himself!

Title: My Fickle Jaguar
Author: Unohana
Adult content: Yes
Link to store

Sojun Shiina used to be immensely famous in the Japanese music scene, as part of the band “Peg”. But in recent years he’s just been drifting around from place to place, doing whatever he feels like with no real sense of direction. Occasionally he’ll go back to his partner Arata’s house, so that he can ‘recharge’. While Arata really wishes Sojun was around more often, it’s hard to keep this fickle jaguar pinned down!

I really liked the character development in this series, and both Arata and Sojun feel like they could very much be real people. They’re both complex and flawed individuals, who’re trying to make their somewhat janky relationship work as best they can. This is not a smut-fest, but more of a slow-burner, with a really well put-together story.

Are you in the mood to pick up guitar!? ‘Cus I sure am! Maybe when I have more time anyway… (’  ̄3 ̄) ~

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ

Kris’s Korner: I’m a Straight Guy and I Like Pretty Boys

Over here in Japan, there’s quite a strong separation between male anime/manga otaku, and female otaku. Generally speaking male otaku here are into cute girls, and female otaku are into pretty boys. People looking from outside the fandoms often imagine that they have a lot in common, but actually the difference between liking cute girls and liking pretty boys, is something of an impassable chasm.

Over here in Japan, there’s quite a strong separation between male anime/manga otaku, and female otaku. Generally speaking male otaku here are into cute girls, and female otaku are into pretty boys. People looking from outside the fandoms often imagine that they have a lot in common, but actually the difference between liking cute girls and liking pretty boys, is something of an impassable chasm.

There are of course exceptions to this, which is a category I’ve realised that I fall into. In my case I’m a guy who’s into cute girls, and also really likes pretty boys! *:.。☆..。.(´∀`人)

Five points to anyone who can guess who that’s supposed to be.

In Japan, girls who are into pretty boys (and ship them) are labelled, fujoshi (腐女子, literally “rotten girl”). So in the same vein, guys who are into pretty boys are called fudanshi (腐男子), replacing the woman (女) character, with man (男).

As this appears to be a reasonably rare phenomenon, I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I’ve come to appreciate beautiful boys, as a straight guy.

1. I Can Identify With Them

The first real bishounen (beautiful boy) series I saw was the anime adaptation of the visual novel Amnesia (quite different to the horror game, I can assure you).

“Amnesia for Nintendo Switch. The official site is up♪”

My first thought was “Oh damn, these guys are edgy!” Because I mean, seriously, who wears clothes like that? (I actually want their wardrobe so much it physically hurts) (ノД`)ノ

But as I watched more of it I realised that I could identify with these characters far better than with what we, in the west, consider to be good, male role-models. We tend to idolise sporty, muscular, traditionally masculine looking guys, with short hair and simple clothes.

But that wasn’t me, I didn’t like sports, I was so skinny a strong wind could break me in half, and I wanted longer, exciting hair (although now it’s short again). So it was great not only seeing characters like that, but characters like that who were designed to be cool. They weren’t some “weirdo” being laughed at in a TV show for being different, they were the protagonists.

Not long after that I stated to get really into Japanese fashion and got a proper hair cut!

2. The Character Designs Are Amazing

As much as I like cute girls, I have to confess that I think characters from pretty boy series often have more interesting designs. More interesting might not be quite the right phrasing, but bishounen character designs do tend to be very detailed (and again, fantastic hair).

Recently I’ve been really into the online game Toukenranbu, which features anthropomorphised Japanese swords as pretty boys, and I can really get behind the amount of detail that goes into the character designs.

A new sword released recently, Hakusan Yoshimitsu.
Okay, I’ll admit, this one just looks like a beautiful girl.

As someone who’s into fashion and cosplay as well, these kind of designs make for some really interesting outfits and inspiration! Obviously it’s hard to look as beautiful as them in real life, but we can try! ヾ(´Д`)ノ

3. Gender isn’t the Most Important Thing in a Series/Prejudice is Hard to Overcome

I had some trouble phrasing this point, but basically, gender is not what makes a character or series good, there’s so much more to it than that.

I often find that I don’t enjoy bishounen works because of the pretty boys, but rather because I really like the characters’ personalities, or because the story is very well written.

I always like to use Yuri!!! on Ice to demonstrate this point, as I’ve never seen my guy friends get so excited about a gay romance before. It’s often not the content itself that audiences have a real aversion to, but rather the way it’s written and portrayed, along with their own preconceived expectations and assumptions.

A special illustration, celebrating the “ISU World Team Trophy 2019”.

My friends genuinely didn’t know what they were getting into with Yuri!!! on Ice, they had only heard that it had great animation, and was very popular online. They basically had no reason not to watch it, so they did… and they loved it. On the other hand, if I’d introduced it to them as a “gay ice skating anime”, I’m not sure how they’d have felt. Maybe they’d have surprised me, who knows?

To put it simply, I think a lot of guys have an aversion to pretty boys (and BL) because they just expect it to not be interesting to them. As someone who went in blind myself, I never had this issue, but often I see it with male otaku who won’t touch anything lacking cute girls.

That just about covers everything for me really. I’m sure if you meet other guys that are into pretty boy series, they might have some other good reasons to give you.

Regarding the last point about the importance of good characterisation and story writing, one series that helped me get into the more adult, BL side of things was The Subway Dog, which just went up on Renta! recently. So if you fancy something slow-burning and more mature, I really recommend checking it out!

The Subway Dog Cover
Title: The Subway Dog
Author: Sakae Kusama
Adult Content: Yes
Link to store

If there are any other guys out there reading this who’re into BL or pretty boys, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Until next time~! ヴァ───ヾ(´ー`)ノ───イ

August in a Glance: Yaoi by the Book

Here’s a handy list of all the by-the-book Yaoi we put out this August!

Manga by the Book

Alone with You

Alone With You
(暴愛フレンドシップ・Bouai Friendship)
by Zundamochiko
Link to Manga

This was a surprisingly sensual release, and I love the way romance and lust weave their way through this high school setting. Both of the boys share a certain loneliness in common: One of them expresses it through being fake and popular, never opening up to anyone. The other? Just never made any friends at all, so he’s super shy and pure. It’s the kind of relationship where they make each other better, unintentionally lol. If you haven’t read it and want something sexy yet a little bit heartwarming, this is a fun read to pick up.

Edited by Sarah! Yay!


I'll Have My Cake And Eat It Too.PNG

I’ll Have My Cake and Eat It, Too
(アレがしたい、コレがほしい。・Are ga Shitai Kore ga Hoshii)
by Jimi Fumikawa
Link to Manga

Jimi Fumikawa fans rejoice, this is a funny, smutty comic, just like we like it. There are several stories combined into one full volume for this Jimi Anthology, and I rather enjoy the silliness of the humor and the “in your face” no-shame flavor of sexuality. The title comic is an office romance with a boss uke who just can’t get enough of his employee’s amazing… performance?


Life Ain't So Bad

Life Ain’t So Bad
(世界はそんなに悪くない・Sekai wa Sonna ni Warukunai)
by Si Mitsuru
Link to Manga

Ohh baby. This was SO cute and SO funny and SO hot, it turned me into a Si Mitsuru fan instantly. The little cute one is was a virgin until he stumbled upon his dream guy in a public bath late one night. The adult video star who turned him on online was now turning him on.. well you get it. The uke’s purity and sincerity brought a sparkle back into the life of the seme… who was actually quite used to being an uke, himself. There were HINTS of switching, and I swear he almost got there. I think there was a little tip…. surely Mitsuru Sensei will satisfy our need for “reversible” couples in a bonus chapter someday.

This was also edited by me, and I spent an inordinate amount of time polishing the translation and erasing sfx, so I can personally guarantee you’ll have fun with this one. The reviews are really nice, too. Yay : )

(Sensei just published a brand new manga in Japanese called “Megumi and Tsugumi” and oh my lord… It’s hilarious. and Omegaverse. And coming to you in English soon.)


Love x Devil Apprenticeship

Love X Devil (Apprenticeship)
(らぶ×デビ(仮)~見習い悪魔と3つの願い~・Love X Debi Kari Minarai Akuma to Mittsu no Negai)
by Ikuya Fuyuno
Link to Manga

It’s a Love Devil, get it? He’s not a full devil yet. He’s in training!

To pass his last exam, devil apprentice Togo Nishizaki must seal a pact with reclusive college student Makoto Sugishita and grant him three wishes in exchange for his chastity and “essence.”

Essence, yes. (We keep it sort of PG, but I think we all know what “essence” means.) I’m a big fan of the angel/devil couples, so this is one that needs to go on my reading list. Mmm, glasses. Mmm nice horns. The good reviews and the free sample pages have me sold, so I am committed now.


Master and Doggy

Master and Doggy
(ご主人様とワンコ・Goshujin-Sama to Wanko)
by Sakira
Link to Manga

Unless you’re completely new to the BL scene, you’ve probably heard of Sakira. You may even instantly become overwhelmed with visions of hot beefy semes AND ukes, because this artist is quite famous for that, as you can probably tell from the cover here! This is a wild and fast-paced collection of stories by Sakira that we’re very excited to have in English. I do love doggies.


Reamed on Livestream Volume 4

Reamed on Livestream -Forced to Climax Live Online!!- Volume 4
(ご主人様とワンコ・NukoNuko Douga Gachi Iki Kyousei (Nama)Haishin)
by Merino
Link to Manga

Nama Haishin. Hehe. NukoNuko Douga. Sigh. Okay yes hello I am back. There are just too many puns in this title. It’s a very ecchi take on the live streaming trope, and I am pretty sure they’re taking this couple through all the humanly possible scenarios, and maybe some that aren’t. It’s deceptively cute for such a topic, but wow. They sure do get in there and do that. If you enjoy stories about exhibitionist ukes, this is a wild one!


Star-Crossed Paintbrushes Volume 1

Star-Crossed Paintbrushes – Part 1
(星に落ちる絵筆・Hoshi ni Ochiru Enpitsu)
by Naro Sakuragawa
Link to Manga

I can’t get over how gorgeous these covers are. Everything I want to say about it was said by one of the reviewers:

This is an absolutely wonderful piece of art, I was entranced with every page. It’s only been a couple days since I read it and I’m already finding the wait for the second part unbearable. I cannot recommend this enough, it has everything that I personally look for in a story, and I’ve already re-read it several times.

I didn’t get to edit this one, but I did get to make advertising banners and art for it, so I feel BLessed.


Taira the Bully

Taira the Bully
(いじめっこの岡田くん・Ijimekko no Okada-kun)
by Kyo Kitazawa
Link to Manga

Taira, the seme there, was a bully to Saiji when they were kids. Saiji sees his chance to get revenge when he realizes that Taira’s forgotten all about him, but could this be Taira’s plan all along? Is there a chance that he’s still playing with Saiji and bullying him even now as adults? Not to throw spoilers around, but yes. At first he thought he didn’t care if Saiji hated him, as long as he felt passionately about him one way or another lol. But, it was fun to see Taira dealing with his immature feelings and trying to grow up a little. This was a light read, and is followed up by a second story about a poor unlucky guy who just can’t seem to find love.


Worship My Voice.PNG

Worship My Voice
(俺様ボイス・Ore-sama Voice)
by Chidori Sakuraba
Link to Manga

This is another huge artist that veteran BL fans will probably enjoy. It’s got 5 or 6 volumes including spin-off series, with recurring characters and lots of drama, and they all fall victim to the seductive powers of a nice, smooth voice.

Justin over at did a great review on this, so if you want to read more, check it out here.

Review: My Fickle Jaguar

My Fickle Jaguar (気まぐれなジャガー Kimagure na Jaguar) is the latest addition of Unohana‘s works to Renta!’s English-language website. I have had the pleasure to edit its translations as they come out. Although I have been working in Renta! as an editor for only one year, let me tell you–this is nothing like the other BL/Yaoi that I have had the opportunity to read and/or edit in my short time here.


As one user review put it…

“The plot is quite different from the typical BL: theres [sic] no more of the cat and mouse, back and forth of getting to a love declaration (ot [sic] ahem, a night together). The main couple is two interesting adults who are together in love, but the slow reveal of how they get to that point is so riveting. The music industry background is also fascinating. I love love looove this manga and I can’t wait to read the rest of it!!!!”

I can fully stand behind this review. That’s why I’ve chosen to review it here, so get your guitars and picks ready. You’ll need them.

My Fickle Jaguar starts at Arata Aso’s apartment. Sitting up in bed with his smart phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Arata’s scrolling through an online forum.

“What’s Shiina doing now?”
“Who’s Shiina?”
“Sojun Shiina, from Peg.”
“Yeah. After Peg split up he was the backup in some other bands and did some side projects. But I haven’t seen him at all lately.”
“But what’s he doing now? I mean, is he still alive?”
“Don’t kill him! LOL!”
“But he vanished!”
“Is he in Alaska or something?”

Pull back from Arata’s screen. A man is lying asleep next to him. Arata scrunches his eyebrows, puts his cigarette to his lips, and says:

“[In fact Shiina] is sleeping right next to me.”

Three months earlier, Sojun (A.K.A. Shiina) showed up at Arata Aso’s doorstep.

“Arata, I’m hungry,” he proclaimed as he threw his arms around Arata’s waist and his stomach growled. The main course: Arata à la carte.

We learn then that Sojun Shiina is a professional musician, but he’s bordering on the title of ex-musician (since his fans wonder if he’s even alive). Three years prior to the beginning of My Fickle Jaguar, Sojun tells his band members from Peg that he’s taking a break and bounces between Japan and other countries. He’s so fickle that he hardly stays in one place for more than a few months. Three months away from Japan (and Arata), however, is the shortest that he’s ever been away. Arata can’t help but find it unusual.

Arata Aso, on the other hand, is an editor at a music magazine. He’d dreamed of becoming a professional musician like Sojun, but gave up after he realized he had no talent and would never reach Sojun’s level. He took up writing instead so that he could share Sojun, the center of his universe, and his talent with the world. He’s miffed that Sojun is so self-centered and unaware of his feelings that he runs away for months at a time, though.

This time, Sojun confesses that he missed Arata so much he “wanted to die”. They’ve discussed his leaving endlessly before. He’s always replied in the same manner. Arata wonders why he leaves if he feels the way he says he does. He knows that Sojun is as fickle as a cat (Jaguar) and that he only goes to Arata when he feels like it. Yet, he can’t help but loving him…

Although currently up to volume 6, the intertwining of Arata and Sojun’s dreams, careers and relationship is totally captivating. You won’t want to miss out on this one! Check it out from the item page here!


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July in a Glance: Yaoi by the Book

Continuing from the full list of Yaoi manga updates for July (by the chapter), here’s my list of full book-length volumes we released this month!

Continuing from the full list of Yaoi manga updates for July (by the chapter), here’s my list of full book-length volumes we released this month!

Manga by the Book

Falling Slowly

Falling Slowly
(いややいややもすきのうち?・Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi?)
by Kishimoto
Link to Manga:


Leopard White Paper (Volume 6 & 7): The Indecent Gentleman
(レオパード白書:いやらしの彼・Leopard Hakusho: Iyarashi no Kare)
by Yuzuha OUGI
Link to Manga:

My Beloved North Star

My Beloved North Star
(ナビガトリアに恋・Navigatoria ni Koi)
by Ayu Sakumoto
Link to Manga:

My Sweetheart is Always Turned On

My Sweetheart is Always Turned On!!
(恋人・絶賛発情中!!・Koibito Zessan Hatsujouchuu)
by Yoichiro Kohga
Link to Manga:

Pure Ties are Sweeter - Prequel to Bodysuit Fetish

Pure Ties are Sweeter
(純縛スウィーター・Junbaku Sweeter)
Sequel/Spin-off to Bodysuit Fetish (一枚越しフェティッシュ・Ichimai Goshi Fetish)
by Uni Yamasaki
Link to Manga:


Restraint Program
(拘束プログラム・Kousoku Program)
by Naduki Koujima
Link to Manga:

Sweet Chains of Love Use Your Voice

Use Your Voice 3: Sweet Chains of Love
(彼のあまい束縛~こえのお仕事3・Kare no Amai Sokubaku Koe no Oshigoto)
by Chifumi Ochi
Link to Manga:

The Bistro Wolfs Predilection

The Bistro Wolf’s Predilection
(ビストロ狼の偏愛・Bistro Ookami no Henai)
by Sicago Shibuya
Link to Manga:

The Boy Who Cried Truth

The Boy Who Cried Truth
(オオカミ少年は嘘をつかない・Ookami Shounen wa Uso wo Tsukanai)
by Arakata
Link to Manga:

The Man I Want To Forget

The Man I Want To Forget
(忘れたい男・Wasuretai *Otoko (*read as: Hito))
by Aoi Kujyo
Link to Manga:


What I Don’t Understand About Him
(理解できない彼とのこと・Rikai Dekinai Kare to no Koto)
by Shimako Wan
Link to Manga:

You're my Princess

You’re My Princess
(君は僕の姫さま・Kimi wa Boku no Hime-sama)
by hiroto kujirada
Link to Manga:



Attack on Dicktan

Attack on Dicktan! There’s a Monster in my Pants!
(チン撃!巨コンリーマン♂・Chin Geki Kyokon Ri-man)
by Kei Kisaki
Link to Manga:

Boys Love Paradox

Boys’ Love Paradox
(腐男子パラドックス・Fudanshi Paradox)
by Tonari Toyama
Link to Manga:

Our Secret Summer Romance

Our Secret Summer Romance
(隠し事は夏にはじまる・Kakushigoto wa Natsu ni Hajimaru)
by Emi Mitsuki
Link to Manga: