Nice butt!

Over the weekend I noticed a lot of the Yaoi/BL artists on my twitter feed sharing photos of cute butts.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that CERTAIN parts of the Internet (the cool parts) were calling 11/04 いいおしりの日 (ii o-shiri no hi) a.k.a. Nice Ass Day!

The Japanese Internet loves having fun with wordplay based on the days of the year and various alternate ways to read them. You may already be familiar with the more famous ones, such as Pocky Day (11/11) coming up soon!

Over the weekend I noticed a lot of the Yaoi/BL artists on my twitter feed sharing photos of cute butts.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that CERTAIN parts of the Internet (the cool parts) were calling 11/04 いいおしりの日 (ii o-shiri no hi) a.k.a. Nice Ass Day!

I have curated a short list of artists that shared really cute images on their twitter accounts to celebrate this wonderful ‘holiday’. This small collection is far from comprehensive, so you should do a little digging yourself after reading this blog in order to satisfy your thirst for delicious peaches on this wonderful occasion.

Please enjoy, and if you like what you see, check out the artists’ twitter accounts and come see what manga they have in English (links below)!


From Kyo Kitazawa, author of Taira the Bully

“It seems yesterday was Nice Ass Day, so please enjoy this illustration of Tsumugi-kun’s butt that I drew a long time ago.”


From Torino Rakuda, author of A Shrine of Male Relationships: Lost Anal Virgin in Threesome (by Mobile Media Research)

“I love butts, but I’m in the middle of work at the moment, so so please enjoy this delicious peach I dug out of a folder.”


From R18/NSFW Artist Masaru Yazirou

“I like plump, wet butts.”


From Scarlet Beriko, author of Minori’s Hand, Tatsuyuki Oyamato the 4th, and more ❤

(from “Jealousy”)

and the gorgeous cosplayer @MikeyZeph seen here rocking the same illustration IRL


From Gisho Akagi, author of Starting Today, I’m a Delinquent Slut!?

“Still wet from the shower, the master caught the cat.”


From Kurumi Otsuki, author of Trapped in an Elevator! -Two Hot Salarymen, Going up!-

“Nice Ass Day! Banzai!
I just happened to have a nice butt sketch on hand for the Angel Pantsu manga I’m currently working on. I got the idea for it when I was discussing content images with my editor and looking at softcore images for reference. There were post-it notes exquisitely placed all over all the important bits on all the images they sent me, and it made me burst out laughing.
Still… If you look at this shot from a certain angle it does look pretty lewd…!”


From Jiko Homura, author of The Perfect Way to Train Him

Image Translation:
“But my ass isn’t even nice!”
(Inhaling Deeply) “It’s a great ass! Best in the world!”


There are many more you can find under the tag for #いいおしりの日 but these are the ones that filled up my timeline at the end of the day on 11/04.

Enjoy, and have a lovely ass day!

Preview: Shouganai Kara Aishite Ageru

Yoko Ito, artist of the bestselling Allergic to Love, is back again with their latest work Shouganai Kara Aishite Ageru (しょうがないから愛してあげる). Its official release date and title on the English website is yet to be announced, but I guarantee you’ll love it.

We follow two coworkers: Sako Miyamura and Eiji Miya. They have nothing in common other than the fact that they joined the company at the same time and that Sako is in charge of his accounts.

Sako’s just your average Japanese office worker, but has a surprisingly feisty temperament and a thing for suits–in particular, Eiji’s. Every chance she can get, Sako ogles Eiji’s suits.

Eiji, on the other hand, is a handsome and intelligent hotshot salesman who’s so motivated, he’s hardly swayed by all the women in the office fawning over him. He’s so disinterested in others that he flat out turns down an invitation from the new-hire before she can even spit it out.

On the day when Sako and Eiji’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, Sako heads to the company file room and opens the door. She’s surprised to find Eiji going through the files. She thinks it must be her lucky day since she can get gawk at his suit to her heart’s content through the gap in the shelf without him noticing. She leans down in anticipation… but he’s gone!

Just then, she hears footsteps behind her. She turns around.

Eiji’s glaring at her. He barks at her to quit staring because it’s so distracting. He’s well-aware he’s gorgeous, but he’s beyond her league, so she shouldn’t get any ideas about having a chance with him.

Just as he smirks and turns to walk away, Sako throws her hands on his face and starts squishing it. She sarcastically apologizes for gawking, but just can’t help herself–his suit is too gorgeous! She doesn’t want to wrinkle it, so she’s intentionally squishing his face.

Hell hath no fury like an office worker denied her suit-viewing privileges. She doesn’t give a shit about Eiji’s looks or personality–she just wants a good look at that suit! Eiji’s simultaneously taken aback by her hot temper and enamored with her for her passion for and knowledge of suits.


We are currently working on the lettering, but hope to have it released soon! I will announce when it is released. In the meantime, check out Yoko Ito’s other work here!



Review: My Fickle Jaguar

My Fickle Jaguar (気まぐれなジャガー Kimagure na Jaguar) is the latest addition of Unohana‘s works to Renta!’s English-language website. I have had the pleasure to edit its translations as they come out. Although I have been working in Renta! as an editor for only one year, let me tell you–this is nothing like the other BL/Yaoi that I have had the opportunity to read and/or edit in my short time here.


As one user review put it…

“The plot is quite different from the typical BL: theres [sic] no more of the cat and mouse, back and forth of getting to a love declaration (ot [sic] ahem, a night together). The main couple is two interesting adults who are together in love, but the slow reveal of how they get to that point is so riveting. The music industry background is also fascinating. I love love looove this manga and I can’t wait to read the rest of it!!!!”

I can fully stand behind this review. That’s why I’ve chosen to review it here, so get your guitars and picks ready. You’ll need them.

My Fickle Jaguar starts at Arata Aso’s apartment. Sitting up in bed with his smart phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Arata’s scrolling through an online forum.

“What’s Shiina doing now?”
“Who’s Shiina?”
“Sojun Shiina, from Peg.”
“Yeah. After Peg split up he was the backup in some other bands and did some side projects. But I haven’t seen him at all lately.”
“But what’s he doing now? I mean, is he still alive?”
“Don’t kill him! LOL!”
“But he vanished!”
“Is he in Alaska or something?”

Pull back from Arata’s screen. A man is lying asleep next to him. Arata scrunches his eyebrows, puts his cigarette to his lips, and says:

“[In fact Shiina] is sleeping right next to me.”

Three months earlier, Sojun (A.K.A. Shiina) showed up at Arata Aso’s doorstep.

“Arata, I’m hungry,” he proclaimed as he threw his arms around Arata’s waist and his stomach growled. The main course: Arata à la carte.

We learn then that Sojun Shiina is a professional musician, but he’s bordering on the title of ex-musician (since his fans wonder if he’s even alive). Three years prior to the beginning of My Fickle Jaguar, Sojun tells his band members from Peg that he’s taking a break and bounces between Japan and other countries. He’s so fickle that he hardly stays in one place for more than a few months. Three months away from Japan (and Arata), however, is the shortest that he’s ever been away. Arata can’t help but find it unusual.

Arata Aso, on the other hand, is an editor at a music magazine. He’d dreamed of becoming a professional musician like Sojun, but gave up after he realized he had no talent and would never reach Sojun’s level. He took up writing instead so that he could share Sojun, the center of his universe, and his talent with the world. He’s miffed that Sojun is so self-centered and unaware of his feelings that he runs away for months at a time, though.

This time, Sojun confesses that he missed Arata so much he “wanted to die”. They’ve discussed his leaving endlessly before. He’s always replied in the same manner. Arata wonders why he leaves if he feels the way he says he does. He knows that Sojun is as fickle as a cat (Jaguar) and that he only goes to Arata when he feels like it. Yet, he can’t help but loving him…

Although currently up to volume 6, the intertwining of Arata and Sojun’s dreams, careers and relationship is totally captivating. You won’t want to miss out on this one! Check it out from the item page here!


One Shot: My Younger Boyfriend’s an Ice Prince

As an avid Yaoi/BL reader, I feel like I have grown accustomed to the satisfaction of reading a story from start to finish in 4-6 chapters, a.k.a. a one-volume by the book kind of thing.

I love this length of story because it is just long enough to get in good character growth while still giving you the satisfaction of an amazing ending.

SOME genres keep you hanging forever with eternal cliffhangers and flashbacks and never-ending drama. I’m looking at YOU, Shojo manga and JUMP series like Naruto and Bleach. PLEASE just let Skip Beat end. They need to be together already! I would like to finish this story before I die. Thank you.


One-Shots are really great sometimes, too. This term refers to the type of story that most commonly wraps everything up in a nice bow within one chapter.

(Though sometimes there will be a part-one or part-two. Lots of new yaoi artists will start by drawing a series of one-shots and then their work gets compiled into a by-the-book volume which we call an Anthology, and there are lots of those on our site, too!)

Today I wanted to introduce a new one-shot that just came out this week on 8/14, called “My Younger Boyfriend is an Ice Prince” (Toshishita Kareshi wa Reikoku Ouji) by tare.

It was my pleasure to edit this! I loved it.

The art is both cute and gorgeous and the characters are adorable… until they’re not *smirk*…

My Younger Boyfriend's an Ice Prince.PNG

We get to read this 37-page manga from Shuya’s perspective. From the very outset, we learn that he’s dating Kyo, a gorgeous celebrity, and that they’re currently living together. However, it would seem they haven’t “gone all the way” so it’s hard to tell at first glance who will be doing what in the bedroom later on.

Kyo’s public persona is that of a dark and handsome hottie with the aura of an “Ice Prince.” Only Shuya knows Kyo’s real personality is a fluffy cutie whose smile could warm the room.

At least… that’s what he thinks.

Shuya gets forced into going to a mixer (Goukon “group date”) and gets fairly wasted there.

This seems to happen a lot in manga! Please don’t try this at home. We all know where it leads so I hope you brought condoms. Unless that is your intention in which case, good luck but please drink responsibly. : )

When Shuya’s friend borrows his phone and dial’s Kyo to come pick him up, he’s so alarmed that he shows up like a Knight in Shining Armor and takes him home.

But something about Kyo’s personality is different…

It could be the ice-cold sparkle in his eyes that sends chills down Shuya’s spine…

Or maybe the aggressive way he pushes Shuya down?

Which personality is the REAL Kyo?? Shuya… might be surprised. But you? I hope you will be as pleased as I was.

Get a glass of water ready before you read this one because it will make you thirsty.

The only downside to one-shots is that when they’re this good, it leaves you wanting more!