New and Upcoming BL/TL for October

We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming this month, and I’m excited to share some of the biggest hits that are releasing throughout October.

Hello everyone! We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming this month, and I’m excited to share some of the biggest hits that are releasing throughout October. So grab your Halloween candy and join me as I take you through some of the exciting releases for October.


Title: Reframing
Author: Rie Honjoh

Release date: October 4

It’s already out! Check it out here:

Yutaka is a designer who does remote work and hates the sun. In fact, the only sunshine he needs in his life is his old childhood friend, Akira, a shop clerk at a glasses shop with an ultra-positive spirit. If only Akira knew how much Yutaka yearned for him… But what would that do? Akira is straight… A love story about a successful designer who doesn’t know how to open his heart! A bonus page exclusive to Renta! is included.

Rie Honjoh is no stranger to Renta! You can check out some other stories as well. Here is a link to their author page:[]=Rie+Honjoh&col=info&crd=1

Title: Just Between Friends
Author: Akira Yoshio

Release date: October 15

This manga is about Satoru, who has just started going out with his best friend from elementary school, Aya. They’re happy together, but it’s about time they took things into the bedroom. Satoru makes the first move, kissing Aya and reaching into his pants, only to get… rejected…!?

If you like a bit of fantasy injected into your BL, I also highly recommend Akira Yoshio’s other story on Renta!, The Red String of Fate!

Title: The Bully and the Cry Baby
Author: Riko Sakura

Release date: October 22

High school student Kyosuke despises his long-time rival, Eishi Takano, who has done nothing but make him cry since they were kids!! He told Eishi he’d get his revenge someday. One day, Eishi takes him into a toilet stall and teases him until he cries again. To make matters worse, Eishi tells him not to cry for anyone else…!?

For more school love by Riko Sakura, check out another story, Before You Fall in Love!

Title: Detested by the Demon Lord
Author: Yamada2chome

Release date: October 29

The protagonist, Mao, is the descendant of an ancient demon lord. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, they’re his to command! Mao’s spent his whole life ashamed of his lineage, but one day, he meets a man named Kamiko who claims to be the legendary hero that will defeat him. When it comes to how Kamiko plans to beat him, Mao is in for the shock of his life!


Title: Daydream Paradise Confusion -The King and I-
Author: Kanan Shima

Release date: October 4

This one’s already out, too! Here’s the link:

This manga is about Mei Hino, a geek who draws fan comics about her favorite dating simulation game (which revolves around the protagonist, King, and the multiple guys who fall in love with him). After having trouble with her rent, Mei has to start living with a stranger called Seiji… who looks exactly like King!! Seiji tells Mei not to fall in love with him, and she responds by saying she doesn’t find him attractive at all (because she’s not interested in real men). This hurts Seiji’s pride, and he sets out to prove he’s still desirable to women… Will the geek girl get her king!?

If you like sweet romantic comedies, may I also recommend Kanan Shima’s other work, Unbridled Affection -Will You Marry Me, Hana?- As of this writing, Chapter 1 is free to rent for 48 hours until October 11!

Title: Don’t Expose My Dark Past! -An Elite Businessman and a Former Idol-
Author: Amane Ninomae

Release date: October 4

It’s out! Click the link and see:

This is the story of a former idol (now an office worker), and a super elite businessman (with a potentially dark past). Miyu Tachibana is a former idol. Since her days of stardom, she has put on weight, cut her long, silky hair, and hidden herself behind a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses. What’s more, the screw manufacturer she now works for is struggling to stay in business. One day, Miyu encounters a new potential client representative by the name of Mr. Shiga. An elite businessman, Shiga seems calm and collected at first, but his angry stare and odd conduct seem to suggest there might be more to him…

Title: At the Mercy of the Great King Enma
Author: Haruo Haruyama

Release date: October 8

Yoshino, a young monk, fell down the stairs of her temple and died. She ends up in an otherworldly place, and was escorted to the ruler of hell, the Great King Enma! Yoshino is appointed to be King Enma’s lady-in-waiting, because of her strong spiritual power. She’s at his mercy every night, but can’t resent him because of his past. Even the rude King Enma has reasons for needing Yoshino… Are they in love? Are they a quarrelling couple?

Title: The Crimson Kitty and the Forest Watchdog
Author: Haru

Release date: October 11

This manga is about this town where animals live like people. Misha, a cat, finds a fixer-upper deep in the forest and decides to repair it and make it her home, but she isn’t making much progress. After a run-in with a hulking, muscular dog (?) named Hati, Misha makes a deal with him: assist her with repairs, and he can live there as well. Misha finds living with the strong, silent Hati to be a breeze, and the two set to work on the house. However, something starts to seem off about Hati. When Misha presses him for answers, she discovers that the full moon has worked Hati’s instincts into a frenzy… and his hungry eyes are set on her!