New Releases for 7/9

It’s a new week, and that means new releases! Let’s check out what’s new on Renta! this Tuesday!

It’s a new week, and that means new releases! Let’s check out what’s new on Renta! this Tuesday!


Title: The Paradox of Deep Obsession (Chapter 1)
Author: Koyubi

Makoto doesn’t really enjoy being in the biology club, especially after his weirdo classmate Kido comes up to him and tells him, “I want to copulate with you.”

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Title: Honey Devil [VertiComix] (Chapters 1 & 2)
Author: Hiraku Miura

Rin Hashiba accidentally summons not only a demon, but the king of all demons. In actuality, he seems like kind of a big softy though… now in full-color, scrolling VertiComix format!

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Title: The Unexpected Holiday Gift
Author: Haruhi Sakura/Sophie Pembroke

Clara got married to the man of her dreams, Jacob. But, after they got married, Jacob would not listen to Clara’s desire for a child. When she became pregnant, she left him without a word, knowing he would not approve. Now, five years later, Clara runs her own party planning agency, and she gets a surprise visit from none other than Jacob! He says that if she helps him plan for his father’s last Christmas party, he will sign the divorce papers.

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Title: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Chapter 10)
Author: Miyahara Ruri

Usa (pronounced oo-sa, not like the country) is about to move into a new place for high school, but on the way to his new (actually very old) apartment, he runs into a weirdo peeking into a public school. After dealing with the police and making sure he gets taken in for questioning, he gets to his apartment and is shocked to find that same guy just happens to be his new roommate! Usa can’t live under these conditions, but just as he is on his way out forever, he finds Ritsu, the girl of his dreams, standing at his front door…!


Title: Half-a-Million-Dollar Bride (Chapter 3)
Author: Kaiji Umeda

Akane lost her parents when she was young and grew up with her aunt and uncle, who were not happy with the arrangement. Now that she’s 25, she’s always wanted to find a partner and give the happiness to her children that she could never have. She thought she found the perfect man… but it turns out he was already married… and with three kids! Akane is forced to provide compensation to the couple, but a mysterious man takes care of it while claiming to be her husband… just what will become of her?