Best of Renta for September 2019

Hello, readers! Somehow September is over, so let’s take a look at the best manga Renta! had to offer this month. Check them out and see if you agree! As always, feel free to share your manga finds and favorites in the comments!

Hello, readers! Somehow September is over, so let’s take a look at the best manga Renta! had to offer this month. Check them out and see if you agree! As always, feel free to share your manga finds and favorites in the comments!


Title: Tipsy Transformation: The Best Way to Enjoy Your Housekeeper
Author: Kumoshima

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Now I hear what you’re saying: “How can this be BL if the cover has a girl on it!?” Well, this manga does have lots of TL elements (TLements) in it, but both protagonists Aoi and Touya are guys… that is, until star writer Aoi’s housekeeper Touya touches alcohol to his lips and becomes a girl! As you can imagine, life is kinda tough for someone with Touya’s condition, especially when he can’t stop thinking about his client!


Title: The Artist and the Beast
Author: Coda

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The Artist and the Beast has been running on Renta! for a long time now, and its continuing popularity is a testament to its consistent quality and ever-evolving characters. What started out as a simple drama between a starving manga artist and a brutish yakuza member has become a narrative romance/drama story focusing on these two very different characters and their unexpected relationship.


Title: His Instant Heir
Authors: Satoru Nagasawa/Katherine Garbera

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If you’re in the market for a thrilling Romeo & Juliet-style forbidden love story with a twist, make sure you check out this Harlequin romance story between the high-profile heads of two large gaming corporations. But Cari, a member of the Chandler family, has a secret she can’t easily reveal to Dec, from the prestigious Montrose clan. And it might cause their already strained rapport to become even more broken!


Title: The Duchess of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-
Authors: Kinosaki Kazura/Tsuredurebana

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With new chapters releasing of this classic Shojo story, it’s no surprise that it continues to top the best-seller charts at Renta! While we’ve got plenty of great new shojo series on Renta!, we all can’t help but come back to sickeningly sweet story of Viola, a destitute earl’s daughter thrown into a contract marriage with the duke of a prosperous kingdom! New chapters are coming and the intrigue continues to grow between Viola and her “husband” Cersis!

Keep checking back for more news, and please tell us what manga you’re reading! We’d love to have a chance to bring it to you at Renta!

Review: The Artist And The Beast

The Artist And The Beast by Coda
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This is another one of our currently bestselling manga on the site. Just like Over-cumming Writer’s Block, the art is beautiful and the layout is clean. It’s got a wonderful balance of story and eroticism. Unlike Over-cumming Writer’s Block, however, there’s a little less humor and a lot more steam.


Rui Kijima (above) is a struggling manga artist. She’d always wanted to be one, but her parents fiercely protested it. She hasn’t been eating or sleeping very well lately. As a result, she’s become nothing but skin and bones.

Concerned about her, her editor, Ayumu Ono (also above), calls her up. He suggests she finds a good guy to take care of her. Rui explains that she’s not interested in having a boyfriend and that she thinks love is a pain in the ass.

“There it is. The ‘pain in the ass’ line!” he screams out from the other end of the phone. He blabs on about how he thinks she should be interested in everything as a manga artist, but Rui hangs up on him.

She sighs and lies her head on her desk. “Please… give me an idea…”



She opens her door. Keigo Azuma (above) towers over her.

“Name’s Azuma. I run a money-lending business…” He pulls out an I.O.U. “Do you remember becoming a Mr. Yashiro’s guarantor?”

Rui examines the I.O.U. She recalls that Mr. Yashiro had shown up at her place right before a huge deadline and refused to leave until she signed as his guarantor.

Keigo continues: “I’d like you to pay back his $60,000 debt.” She hesitates. He suggests she ask her parents for help. She remembers her parents’ reaction when she told them she was becoming a manga artist.

“I… I’LL PAY IT ALL BY MYSELF!” she tells him. But, she’s only got $40,000 in savings. She asks him to wait for the rest. He says he’d be willing to wait for the other $20,000 in exchange for something else…


What will Rui do!?

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