Author Spotlight: Mariko Nekono

For today’s author spotlight, we’re going to be looking at one of our favourite BL authors, Mariko Nekono (Japanese: 猫野まりこ)!

For today’s author spotlight, we’re going to be looking at one of our favourite BL authors, Mariko Nekono (Japanese: 猫野まりこ)!

One of my favourite things about Mariko Nekono is that they tend to focus on one volume stories, where you get a full story between two characters from start to finish, in a single 200~ page book. I always find that this way you get a really well rounded plot, that wraps up nicely at the end.

They also do quite a lot of sequels, where we get to see new story lines, or other sides to characters we already know very well. We all know how exciting it can be so see our favourite characters again! ヾ(´∀`)ノ

At Renta!, we’ve got two of Mariko Nekono’s longer running series available, so let’s take a look at them shall we!

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Drawn into Love
Drawn into Love
Drawn into Dreams
Drawn with Feeling

The Drawn into Love series focuses on the relationship between Yoshifumi and Ichito, two guys who have been friends since high school. Although they stop talking when Ichito became a movie star after graduation, the two have always longed for the day that they’d be reunited once again! (n´v`n) And that day finally comes, when Ichito brings his Yoshifumi X Ichito yaoi manga to Yoshifumi’s printing company! Talk about an awkward reunion…

Ichito’s adoration for Yoshifumi is super cute right form the start, especially when he gets all small and teary eyed. The most surprising this about this series is probably just how funny it is, and although the approach to their relationship is serious when necessary, you’ll be laughing out loud the rest of the time. There’s also a fairly serious and realistic approach to the couple’s sex life, as they slowly build up to going the whole way together. Overall it’s a very well balanced series that we think anyone can enjoy! ( ´∀`)b

Drawn into Love: The Demanding Author Falls for the Loser
The Demanding Author Falls for the Loser
The Demanding Author and the Fledgling’s One-sided Love

The Demanding Author series features one of the side characters from Drawn into Love, Jun Nanami, in his own romantic spin-off! After causing a whole world of problems for Yoshifumi and Ichito, Jun is being properly punished by being made to work… as a manga artist’s assistant? The last thing Jun wants to do is help some creep draw smut manga, but it just so happens that the artist he’ll be working with is none other than model Yudai Kase, Jun’s life-long idol!

Jun is not a particularly likeable character in the beginning, but that’s one of the real draws of this series. As much as it’s about hot model sex and nerdy jokes, Jun’s growth as a person is the central pillar of the story, with his relationship with Yudai being an important part of that. Yudai is an interesting character as well, and his possessiveness of Jun makes your heart skip a beat (´˘`)♡ The cherry on top for this series, is getting to see the guys from Drawn into Love every so often, getting involved in little side shenanigans!

Mariko Nekono’s ability to tie all their characters and stories together is truly impressive, and makes the world within the books feel full and real. We’re really looking forward to reading more of their stuff!

If you’re interested in seeing doodles and other stuff from Mariko Nekono, you can check them out on Twitter! (in Japanese)

A sketch of Ozaki and Akane, two side characters from Drawn into Love and The Demanding Author.

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New Releases for 6/14

It’s Friday again and that means lots of new manga for us all to enjoy :3

It’s Friday again and that means lots of new manga for us all to enjoy :3


Title: The Demanding Author and the Fledgling’s One-Sided Love
Author: Mariko Nekono

This is the sequel to the popular title, The Demanding Author Falls for the Loser. This issue sees the young model, Jun Nanami, continuing his quest to be with his idol, ex-beauty model and current geeky manga artist, Yudai. Happy-go-lucky Jun has been making progress breaking down Yudai’s cold and imposing exterior, but this time all of his efforts to get close to Yudai are thwarted by Yudai’s creepy cousin!

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Title: Feverish Magic, Curse of Love -I Feel So Hot…-
Author: Chimo

Eme Hoshimiya has worked hard to get into the world-renowned Euphorbia Magic Academy, but now that she’s here, her grades have been slipping and her outlook for next year is grim. Fearing the worst, the headmaster assigns Tobari Kujyou, the smartest and the hottest guy in school, to give her private tutoring lessons. But suddenly, a strange insignia flashes on her neck and suddenly the calm and collected Tobari can’t tear himself away from her!

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Title: The Guardian’s Virgin Ward
Author: Tomoko Takakura/Caitlin Crews

Liliana is the daughter of two billionaires, but when her parents die in a plane crash, her new guardian Izar ships her off to a hellish boarding school. After being able to live abroad and go to school in the US, she finally gets a taste of freedom, but it doesn’t last long. On her 23rd birthday, Izar tracks her down. Lily convinces Izar to spend the night with her, but afterwards he proposes to her… not out of any love for her, but out of obligation to her best interests! Her new life as a billionaire heiress is about to begin…

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Title: Flower and Poison
Author: Neneko Kobato

Shinobu is a painter who is disillusioned with falling in love and feels like she cannot have a relationship. But, everything changes when she takes in Miké, a “stray cat” who she found on the street. Shinobu longs to do more than just paint Miké… she wants to touch her and be together with her. Why does no one else make her feel like this, even though they’re both women?

Title: Patterns of Yuri at the Girls’ School
Author: Mira

Hikari and Maho have been friends since they were kids, but Hikari can’t get over her crush on Maho. However, Hikari can’t help but feel betrayed once Maho admits that she has feelings for another girl. Hikari tries to hide her feelings, but it seems she’s caught the attention of Ai, who has no intention of sitting around and waiting for what (or who) she wants…


Title: A Second Away from a Kiss
Author: Sui Souda

Rikka volunteers to write her school’s play, thinking it’s a historical performance, but finds out that it’s actually a fairy tale. Not knowing the first thing about that kind of stuff, her handsome but bossy childhood friend Izuru forces her to go to his house and read all of his sisters’ girls comics. He even suggests a kissing scene to close off the performance. But, when the princess for the play comes down with a cold on the day of the performance, Izuru suggests Rikka act as the princess, despite Izuru being the prince! He tells her he’ll stop a second before the kiss, but…