Best of Renta! for October 2019

Hey folks! With October already finished (somehow…), it’s time once again to round up the best and brightest for this year. If you need me after that, I’ll be binging on the rest of the half-off Halloween candy from the supermarket…

Hey folks! With October already finished (somehow…), it’s time once again to round up the best and brightest for this year. If you need me after that, I’ll be binging on the rest of the half-off Halloween candy from the supermarket…


Title: Question: Can a Straight Boss Go All the Way… with a Crossdressing Employee?
Author: Secco

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Okay, so this is actually number 2 on the best-sellers for this month. But I already covered the number 1 winner last month, so I thought I would do something different this time! Kei works at a women’s underwear manufacturer, and happens to enjoy trying on the products. But, when his boss Ono finds out, he’s got some trouble ahead…

With great art, a great story, and a cliffhanger that will leave you dangling for more, this is one you have to check out for yourself!


Title: Over-Cumming Writer’s Block
Author: Awaji Nae

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Over-Cumming Writer’s Block is a long-running series on Renta!, and it’s no stranger to the best-seller list. But with new issues coming out featuring our favorite inept writer and her random-stranger-turned-boyfriend elite banker, Fujishima, there’s no reason not to start reading this super-funny, super-sexy, beloved series right away!


Title: Married by Dawn
Author: Shion Hanyu/Marilyn Tracy

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Everyone loves a good fantasy romp now and then, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate October than with a story about vampires! Shion Hanyu delivers another beautifully drawn story about a romance between Tara, whose sister was unjustly killed by a mysterious undead creature, and Gavin, a beautiful but cold vampire! Will Tara be able to make Gavin’s cold heart feel again?


Title: I Don’t Like That Smile
Author: Hiroshi Daken

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With the #1 spot taken yet again by our popular contract marriage series, I turned to the #2, a lovely high school romance featuring two misunderstood students. Sumire is cold and surrounded by terrible rumors of the relationships she’s never had. Ritsuki is the most popular guy at school but can’t face his own feelings. Can these two broken people come together to form a fulfilling meaning?


Title: See You in Your Dreams
Author: James Hotate

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Who doesn’t love a good fantasy romp? Especially when our main character is a succubus who feeds on the love she gets in people’s dreams! With a premise like that, it’s no wonder people are taking notice. Shuji comes to his late father’s village to close his accounts, but finds his mistress to be much more than he can handle! Could he really live with a demon!?


Title: True Love That Starts with a Lie
Author: Wani Kurokoda

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A lot of the yuri we have on our site is just too cute not to read, and that’s definitely true of this month’s best-selling one-shot, True Love That Starts with a Lie, starring two high schoolers who at first glance couldn’t be more different, but actually share more in common than they think. Black-haired Ai is a self-professed pervert who doesn’t really have many friends, but ends up pretending to be knowledgeable about sex when the ditzy but surprisingly pure Liliya accidentally finds Ai’s “lucky condom!” Also check out Wani Kurokoda’s other one-shot featuring the same characters, No Release Until Ecstasy is Achieved!

Review: Over-cumming Writer’s Block

Over-cumming Writer’s Block by Awaji Nae
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This is the first Awaji Nae manga featured on our website and is currently one of our bestsellers. It’s no surprise why. The art is beautiful and modern. The layout is clean in both the Japanese and the English. And, it’s got the perfect balance of eroticism, story, and humor.


Rio Mizuhara (above) has always loved words and writing. She could travel to worlds she’d never imagined. In high school, she won her first writing contest and was picked up by her current editor, Ms. Maeda (below). It was Ms. Maeda who encouraged her to explore the field of erotic romance.


However, Rio has one major problem according to Ms. Maeda: her sex scenes are like a cabbage and stork getting it on.


Rio wonders if she’s really cut out for writing erotic romance novels. She has no clue what goes on during sex, let alone ever been horny in her entire life.

Dejected, she leaves the meeting and gets onto the elevator with Mr. Fujishima, a business man, standing behind her. She sighs and says out loud, “I wish someone could just teach me how to have sex…”


She looks over her shoulder. Mr. Fujishima has dropped his briefcase and all of its contents have gone flying out onto the elevator floor! She bends down and helps him collect his documents. “Here,” she says as she hands him his documents.


The elevator reaches his floor and he runs out.


He doesn’t even thank her. Now infuriated, Rio decides to cheer herself up with some dessert at a café across the way from her publisher. She notices he’s left an envelope on the elevator. She picks it up and gets off the elevator.

Back at work, Mr. Fujishima realizes he’s lost the documents from Blurt publishing, Rio’s publisher. He’s clearly in a bad mood, but his fellow employees comment that he always looks that way. Mr. Fujishima wonders if he forgot to pick it up when he dropped his briefcase in the elevator.

His secretary calls out from across the room: “Blurt Publishing is waiting for you on line 2.”

He answers the phone.

“I… um… the envelope… *cough* *cough* I have your documents from Blurt Publishing. If you want them back, come to the café in front of Blurt’s building!”

The caller hangs up.

He rushes over to the café to find Rio scarfing down a parfait. He thanks her for picking up the envelope and reaches down for it. Rio slams her hand on the envelope and apologizes for blackmailing him. He asks her why she’s apologizing and assures her that she’s helped him.

She lifts her head up and tells him she’s about to blackmail him. She offers to give him the documents back in exchange for an interview. He’s irritated, but decides to humor her.

“OH MY GOD! THANK YOU!” she enthusiastically screams out. “SO, WHERE DO YOU START WITH FOREPLAY?”

He whisks her out of the café to a more private place to continue her interview…

If you want to find out what happens next, please click the item page link above or here!