New and Upcoming BL/TL for November 2019

Hey folks! Fall is here, and with the delectable sites and smells of the harvest breeze, Renta! is here to bring you the best new manga we can! Here are some of the freshets new yaoi and love manga coming this month to Renta!

Hey folks! Fall is here, and with the delectable sites and smells of the harvest breeze, Renta! is here to bring you the best new manga we can! Here are some of the freshets new yaoi and love manga coming this month to Renta!


Title: You’re a Cute Slave of Love
Author: Jita

Release date: Out now!

Tenya and Yamato Hagiwara, have always been raised as twin brothers, until they found out the truth of their relationship. Ever since then, the younger of the two, Yamato, started skipping class and hanging out with the delinquents at school. Tenya takes it upon himself to fix Yamato and make sure he ends up on the right track again, but it’s proving to be difficult. One day, Yamato’s friend Tatsumi tells Tenya where he can find his brother, but it ends up being a trap as he walks in on his brother having sex! Afterwards, Yamato tells Tenya that he will have to make up for his interruption by being a replacement for the girl who ran off…!! There’s also a bonus story exclusive to Renta! with the three of them together…!?

If you like Jita’s steamy, slow-building style, check out their other work on Renta!, A Seductive Relationship, about an adult film star who pretends to be his male co-worker’s boyfriend.

Title: There’s Fanfiction About Us?
Author: Tsubame Koshiora
Publisher: Brite Publishing

Release date: Out now!

Rui and Hibiki have been pop stars for five exciting years, and things are going well. When Hibiki stays at Rui’s one night, the two men find some fan-made manga about them and are shocked to see that it’s more than a little suggestive! In fact, the two of them can’t help but think they want to try it out for themselves…

Title: My Quiet Best Friend’s Just Tongue-Tied
Author: Gomouriki
Publisher: DeNIMO

Release date: November 15

For some reason, one day Ohdai wakes up with the power to see how turned on people are. He thinks to himself “Hey, I could meet horny girls!!”, only to notice that his silent and poker-faced best friend’s lust gauge is bursting at the seams. Apparently, if the gauge isn’t depleted regularly, he could end up becoming a molester…!? He’ll be okay if we take care of “it” before the gauge breaks, right!?

Title: Don’t Say You Love Me!
Author: Haruhi Yuzuya
Publisher: HOUBUNSHA Co.,Ltd

Release date: November 26

At first it seemed like the gorgeous and popular student council president Eiji Tokita, and Oriya Okamoto, your average, everyday student, would never cross paths. But, one day, Eiji starts passionately telling Oriya how much he loves him…! He even proposes marriage, and no matter how cold or violent Oriya is to him, Eiji can’t seem to give up…!! A romantic comedy set in high school depicting love between a hot school president who’s obsessed with a boy with no traits that make him stand out!!
This manga includes a short story and a bonus story!


Title: Night Cherry Blossom Trance
Author: Funa Isono
Publisher: Taiseisha

Release Date: Out now!

You better be prepared, ’cause I’ll make you feel good. After being locked in a mysterious building, I ended up performing a show. Lively music, and four gorgeous dancers… among them is an arrogant-looking guy who catches my eyes. After the show, the guy takes me to a secret room…! But, just when everything was getting steamy, I turn into a woman? “Huh, this is your first time doing a ‘trance’?” he says. Not knowing what’s going on, I find myself in the company of these four. This series is set in the world of handsome men and gender- benders!

Can’t get enough of Funa Isono’s gorgeous art? How about a BL story also on Renta! about an (aspiring) photographer and his (aspiring) model friend by the same author? Check out We’re Shooting, also on Renta!

Title: I Chose a Gangster Over God!?
Author: Haruo Haruyama
Publisher: Taiseisha

Release Date: Out now!

This one’s not for the faint of heart! “When I call, you better bring me the goods!” Even the confession booth offers little protection from being violated by the wounded brute of a man… Meet Shihoko, a young nun leading a peaceful life of purity. At least, she was until some gang members embroiled in a turf war take refuge in her church! The leader is a quiet man of large build with sharp, piercing eyes. Despite his terrifying demeanor, however, Shihoko is grateful for his help, and refuses to give up on him. She wants to get to know him better, but he immediately takes things to a “physical” level!! An immoral romantic comedy of erotic love!

Title: Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date’s Fingers-
Author: Korome
Publisher: Iproduction Co. Ltd.

Release date: Out now!

“This is punishment for deceiving me.” “You’re aroused, even now?” Tomoe is a working adult whose relationships always fizzle out. She’s 27, her parents are pressuring her to get married, and though she’s reluctant, she agrees to go on a trial blind date. However, the man who shows up is her old classmate, Kyosuke, who bullied her all throughout junior high! Tomoe can’t fathom marrying him, and she decides to get revenge for all the grief he caused her… by making him fall for her and then dumping him spectacularly. However, she finds herself subconsciously attracted to him, because in the time they were apart, his appearance and mannerisms have changed drastically for the better. Worried that she might fall in love with him for real, she reveals her plan… but in his anger, he forcefully brings her to climax. What will happen to Tomoe now that her body can’t refuse him…!?

Want more of Korome’s art? You’re in luck! You can check out another story on Renta! starring a factory worker who turns to something a little bit more risque in order to pay off her shopaholic mother’s debt: A Naughty Side-job -My Perfect Boss’s Dirty Training-

Title: Fleeting Desire -Having to Live with My Adorable Best Friend!-
Author: Takara Kotobuki
Publisher: CLAP Comix

Release date: November 12

I’m nervous, too, okay? …I’ve never done this before, just like you. Ami has been in love with her cool childhood friend Mioto for fifteen years. She’s told him many times, but he doesn’t say anything back. That cycle was in full swing when “unavoidable circumstances” force them to live in the same apartment! No matter the reason, now’s her big chance! Unfortunately, Mioto keeps his distance, saying it’s “embarrassing.” In reality, he’s just shy around her feminine wiles and loves her back…! Something’s bound to happen with these two living under the same roof…!! Two love-struck virgins are about to embark on a journey into adulthood!

As always, let us know what manga you’re looking forward to, and don’t be shy to request your favorites! We might just be able to get that perfect manga soon…!

Best of Renta! for October 2019

Hey folks! With October already finished (somehow…), it’s time once again to round up the best and brightest for this year. If you need me after that, I’ll be binging on the rest of the half-off Halloween candy from the supermarket…

Hey folks! With October already finished (somehow…), it’s time once again to round up the best and brightest for this year. If you need me after that, I’ll be binging on the rest of the half-off Halloween candy from the supermarket…


Title: Question: Can a Straight Boss Go All the Way… with a Crossdressing Employee?
Author: Secco

Page link:

Okay, so this is actually number 2 on the best-sellers for this month. But I already covered the number 1 winner last month, so I thought I would do something different this time! Kei works at a women’s underwear manufacturer, and happens to enjoy trying on the products. But, when his boss Ono finds out, he’s got some trouble ahead…

With great art, a great story, and a cliffhanger that will leave you dangling for more, this is one you have to check out for yourself!


Title: Over-Cumming Writer’s Block
Author: Awaji Nae

Page link:

Over-Cumming Writer’s Block is a long-running series on Renta!, and it’s no stranger to the best-seller list. But with new issues coming out featuring our favorite inept writer and her random-stranger-turned-boyfriend elite banker, Fujishima, there’s no reason not to start reading this super-funny, super-sexy, beloved series right away!


Title: Married by Dawn
Author: Shion Hanyu/Marilyn Tracy

Page link:

Everyone loves a good fantasy romp now and then, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate October than with a story about vampires! Shion Hanyu delivers another beautifully drawn story about a romance between Tara, whose sister was unjustly killed by a mysterious undead creature, and Gavin, a beautiful but cold vampire! Will Tara be able to make Gavin’s cold heart feel again?


Title: I Don’t Like That Smile
Author: Hiroshi Daken

Page link:

With the #1 spot taken yet again by our popular contract marriage series, I turned to the #2, a lovely high school romance featuring two misunderstood students. Sumire is cold and surrounded by terrible rumors of the relationships she’s never had. Ritsuki is the most popular guy at school but can’t face his own feelings. Can these two broken people come together to form a fulfilling meaning?


Title: See You in Your Dreams
Author: James Hotate

Page link:

Who doesn’t love a good fantasy romp? Especially when our main character is a succubus who feeds on the love she gets in people’s dreams! With a premise like that, it’s no wonder people are taking notice. Shuji comes to his late father’s village to close his accounts, but finds his mistress to be much more than he can handle! Could he really live with a demon!?


Title: True Love That Starts with a Lie
Author: Wani Kurokoda

Page link:

A lot of the yuri we have on our site is just too cute not to read, and that’s definitely true of this month’s best-selling one-shot, True Love That Starts with a Lie, starring two high schoolers who at first glance couldn’t be more different, but actually share more in common than they think. Black-haired Ai is a self-professed pervert who doesn’t really have many friends, but ends up pretending to be knowledgeable about sex when the ditzy but surprisingly pure Liliya accidentally finds Ai’s “lucky condom!” Also check out Wani Kurokoda’s other one-shot featuring the same characters, No Release Until Ecstasy is Achieved!

New and Upcoming BL/TL for October

We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming this month, and I’m excited to share some of the biggest hits that are releasing throughout October.

Hello everyone! We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming this month, and I’m excited to share some of the biggest hits that are releasing throughout October. So grab your Halloween candy and join me as I take you through some of the exciting releases for October.


Title: Reframing
Author: Rie Honjoh

Release date: October 4

It’s already out! Check it out here:

Yutaka is a designer who does remote work and hates the sun. In fact, the only sunshine he needs in his life is his old childhood friend, Akira, a shop clerk at a glasses shop with an ultra-positive spirit. If only Akira knew how much Yutaka yearned for him… But what would that do? Akira is straight… A love story about a successful designer who doesn’t know how to open his heart! A bonus page exclusive to Renta! is included.

Rie Honjoh is no stranger to Renta! You can check out some other stories as well. Here is a link to their author page:[]=Rie+Honjoh&col=info&crd=1

Title: Just Between Friends
Author: Akira Yoshio

Release date: October 15

This manga is about Satoru, who has just started going out with his best friend from elementary school, Aya. They’re happy together, but it’s about time they took things into the bedroom. Satoru makes the first move, kissing Aya and reaching into his pants, only to get… rejected…!?

If you like a bit of fantasy injected into your BL, I also highly recommend Akira Yoshio’s other story on Renta!, The Red String of Fate!

Title: The Bully and the Cry Baby
Author: Riko Sakura

Release date: October 22

High school student Kyosuke despises his long-time rival, Eishi Takano, who has done nothing but make him cry since they were kids!! He told Eishi he’d get his revenge someday. One day, Eishi takes him into a toilet stall and teases him until he cries again. To make matters worse, Eishi tells him not to cry for anyone else…!?

For more school love by Riko Sakura, check out another story, Before You Fall in Love!

Title: Detested by the Demon Lord
Author: Yamada2chome

Release date: October 29

The protagonist, Mao, is the descendant of an ancient demon lord. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, they’re his to command! Mao’s spent his whole life ashamed of his lineage, but one day, he meets a man named Kamiko who claims to be the legendary hero that will defeat him. When it comes to how Kamiko plans to beat him, Mao is in for the shock of his life!


Title: Daydream Paradise Confusion -The King and I-
Author: Kanan Shima

Release date: October 4

This one’s already out, too! Here’s the link:

This manga is about Mei Hino, a geek who draws fan comics about her favorite dating simulation game (which revolves around the protagonist, King, and the multiple guys who fall in love with him). After having trouble with her rent, Mei has to start living with a stranger called Seiji… who looks exactly like King!! Seiji tells Mei not to fall in love with him, and she responds by saying she doesn’t find him attractive at all (because she’s not interested in real men). This hurts Seiji’s pride, and he sets out to prove he’s still desirable to women… Will the geek girl get her king!?

If you like sweet romantic comedies, may I also recommend Kanan Shima’s other work, Unbridled Affection -Will You Marry Me, Hana?- As of this writing, Chapter 1 is free to rent for 48 hours until October 11!

Title: Don’t Expose My Dark Past! -An Elite Businessman and a Former Idol-
Author: Amane Ninomae

Release date: October 4

It’s out! Click the link and see:

This is the story of a former idol (now an office worker), and a super elite businessman (with a potentially dark past). Miyu Tachibana is a former idol. Since her days of stardom, she has put on weight, cut her long, silky hair, and hidden herself behind a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses. What’s more, the screw manufacturer she now works for is struggling to stay in business. One day, Miyu encounters a new potential client representative by the name of Mr. Shiga. An elite businessman, Shiga seems calm and collected at first, but his angry stare and odd conduct seem to suggest there might be more to him…

Title: At the Mercy of the Great King Enma
Author: Haruo Haruyama

Release date: October 8

Yoshino, a young monk, fell down the stairs of her temple and died. She ends up in an otherworldly place, and was escorted to the ruler of hell, the Great King Enma! Yoshino is appointed to be King Enma’s lady-in-waiting, because of her strong spiritual power. She’s at his mercy every night, but can’t resent him because of his past. Even the rude King Enma has reasons for needing Yoshino… Are they in love? Are they a quarrelling couple?

Title: The Crimson Kitty and the Forest Watchdog
Author: Haru

Release date: October 11

This manga is about this town where animals live like people. Misha, a cat, finds a fixer-upper deep in the forest and decides to repair it and make it her home, but she isn’t making much progress. After a run-in with a hulking, muscular dog (?) named Hati, Misha makes a deal with him: assist her with repairs, and he can live there as well. Misha finds living with the strong, silent Hati to be a breeze, and the two set to work on the house. However, something starts to seem off about Hati. When Misha presses him for answers, she discovers that the full moon has worked Hati’s instincts into a frenzy… and his hungry eyes are set on her!

Best of Renta! for August 2019

Hello everyone! As August winds down, I’d like to share with you our favorite manga on Renta! for this month. Read on to find out our best and most popular manga this month and share your favorites in the comments!

Hello everyone! As August winds down, I’d like to share with you our favorite manga on Renta! for this month. Read on to find out our best and most popular manga this month and share your favorites in the comments!


Title: He’s a Predator
Author: Yuji Toriba

Page link:

Starting things off, we have this spicy BL featuring a pair of friends whose relationship gets a bit strange once the super-stressed Yuma gives his persistent friend Yasuharu permission to “eat” him. Possessive semes, confused ukes, and a story that might just be so hot you get the chills. If you like steamy stories that ramp up fast, you should take a bite out of this story too! Also check out author Yuji Toriba’s other stories on Renta!


Title: That Unexpected Side to My Childhood Friend -Watch Out for the Animal in Him!-
Author: Nonda Noda

Page link:

It’s not hard to see why Nonda Noda’s works often appear at the top of the charts at Renta! The art is downright beautiful, and the stories are interesting and usually a breath of fresh air. That’s no different with this story, about a tough girl who wants to be cute for the guy she likes, combined with a fluffy guy who might possibly have a little bit of a secret dark side to him. Nonda Noda is also no stranger to Renta!, and you can check out their other works here.


Title: The Bridesmaid’s Secret
Authors: Yu Asami/Fiona Harper

Page link:

If you’re a Harlequin fan, you’ll be happy to know that this manga ticks all the boxes: a thrilling secret, check! A forbidden love, check! All the romance and passion you could ever hope for, check, check, and check! Jacqueline and Romano dated when they were teenagers, but after she told him one secret, they haven’t seen each other for years. And now, years later, with Jacqueline a successful editor for a famous magazine and Romano an international designer and model, they meet again at Jacqueline’s sister’s wedding.


Title: The Duchess of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-
Authors: Kinosaki Kazura/Tsuredurebana

Page link:

The Duchess of Rosia is a classic manga whose enduring popularity continues to make me happy. After all, it’s such a cute story of a woman forced into a brand new situation, and she just kinda wants to do her own thing! Beautiful art, a great story, and a charming cast of characters tie everything together in this fantasy comedy manga about the daughter of a small-time earl getting thrust into a political world with a “contract marriage” to a handsome duke!


Title: Want to Sell Me Your Body?
Author: Haiji Sanada

Page link:

Continuing the cuteness, we have this combination yuri/shojo/amazing manga reaching the top of the yuri charts this month. What happens when a high schooler plagued by terrible luck is forced to live with a kickass debt collector? Apparently, a sweet blossoming coming-of-age romance between two characters who you just can’t help but root for. Unlike the young protagonist Tsukasa, you don’t need to get thrown deep into debt to check out this heartwarming story. Also check out Haiji Sanada’s other fantastic works on Renta!


Title: Filthy Full Frontal Express -Teaching the Teacher…-
Author: Naisho

Page link:

And now for something completely different. Don’t get whiplash, as the top shonen story this month is a table-turning, eye-catching story about a teacher with secret fantasies, and a student willing to take control and make it all happen. If you just want to indulge in some fantasies of your own, definitely check this comic out!

New Releases for 7/5

Here are the new releases for Friday, July 5th!

Someone please make this week go slower, thanks. Here are the new releases for Friday, July 5th!


Title: What He Doesn’t Know
Author: Yuuki Fujinari

Hiromu wants to be closer to his boyfriend, Taiyo, but every time they get close, he gets so embarrassed and runs away. But, that might be because he’s half cat and turns back every time his heart starts beating. Keep reading for a litter of cat-tastic puns that will have you nipping at the bud for more! Talking cats! They’re so cute!!! Also includes five other stories about cute couples who love horoscopes, traveling, gaming, and more!

Check out the other New Releases!


Title: Just One Taste Isn’t Enough! -Wanna Come Over Again Tonight?- (Chapter 1)
Author: Natsu Kuroki

Momiji takes a part-time job at a bakery to try and make ends meet, but the guy training her, Yuu, seems a bit scary at first. However, once Momiji gets to know him, she finds he has a hidden depth to him. When he accidentally overhears that she’s been kicked out of her apartment, he invites her to stay with him… at his huge apartment! Suddenly he pushes her down and things take a new turn…

Check out the other New Releases!


Title: The 200% Wife
Author: Megumu Minami/Jennifer Greene

Abby has always put 200% of herself into whatever she does, so it comes as quite a shock to everyone when she decides to throw everything away and spend a relaxing time up in Lake Tahoe. But, things aren’t going so well for her after she gets stranded with a flat tire in a snowstorm on a road in the middle of nowhere. Dejected and lost, she is saved by a handsome driver who happens to be passing by. He introduces himself as Garson, or Gar for short, and walks Abby through how to put on a spare. Abby just wants to relax and spend time for herself, but she can’t get Gar out of her mind…

Check out the other New Releases!


Title: This Mage Desires Mediocrity (Chapter 13)
Author: Hiromi Taihei/Ren Hirose

Mizuki just wants to live a peaceful life in her village… but she’s not just any villager. She’s a genre-savvy nerd taken from Earth and suddenly swept into a magical world filled with spells, demons, and danger. She just wants to be left alone, but now she’s being chased by mages, knights, and everything in between. She has to use her knowledge of the genre and newfound abilities to succeed, and maybe enjoy the life she’s able to lead along the way.


Title: entrans! (Chapter 3)
Author: Pon Takahanada

En is always pranked by his fellow students and getting his uniform switched out with a female one. When he wakes up one day to find that he actually has a girl’s body (and a nice one at that!), he realizes that no prank could have gone this far! Now En has to figure out what has happened so he can turn back into a guy. But what issues will he face on the way with his new body?

Title: Monthly: Editor-In-Chief Aikawa (Chapter 17)
Author: Takeshi Ohmi

Ms. Aikawa has been a star magazine editor for her entire career, and now she has moved up the ranks and been transferred to become editor-in-chief at a publishing company! The only thing is that it’s her first time working as an… adult magazine editor. She’s never dealt with this kind of office before! One of her co-workers, Keisuke comes to check up on her after hours, and finds that although she tries to be professional during the day, she has a few fantasies of her own…

Review: The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!

This week I want to talk about Nanae Chioka-sensei’s work, “The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!” (Japanese title: その推しは××につき! Sono Oshi wa XX ni Tsuki). The art is super clean and Chioka-sensei is really good at drawing both harmless (and kinda scary) girls and very manly (and sometimes very scared) men like our protagonists, Sakiko and Masayuki.

Title: The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!
Author: Nanae Chioka

Page link:

It’s Thursday and that means I’m back with another review of a series that I think you all should check out. This week I want to talk about Nanae Chioka-sensei’s work, “The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!” (Japanese title: その推しは××につき! Sono Oshi wa XX ni Tsuki). The art is super clean and Chioka-sensei is really good at drawing both harmless (and kinda scary) girls and very manly (and sometimes very scared) men like our protagonists, Sakiko and Masayuki.

Each chapter has its own cover art! I especially like this one for Chapter 3 based on Alice in Wonderland (the actual story does not have anything to do with Alice or Disney though)!

Sakiko is a normal office worker with a big secret: she loves, loves, LOVES her yaoi. Maybe you can relate? Of course, during the day she’s forced to hide her kinda scary devotion to, ahem, the finer pleasures of life. Even so, her secret joy at the office is staring at Masayuki, the high-profile son of the CEO. He’s diligent, extremely hard-working, and cold, and best of all for Sakiko, he looks scarily like Reiji, her most favoritest, most dominating-est top. When a twist of fate leaves her alone with him in the same room, their passion and misunderstandings almost run wild at the office.

Even though Masayuki seems cool and collected on the surface like Reiji, he actually has a lot of insecurities about women and has no idea how to react when they get close. He really wants to get to know Sakiko more, but his lack of experience with women and his elite upbringing keep getting in the way of making rational decisions.

Will Sakiko be able to find Masayuki’s true personality under his Reiji-like surface? Will Masayuki finally be able to live up to the expectations of his wacky father? Throughout the series, the two characters just keep getting into more and more trouble, and you won’t know what misadventures they’ll end up in next! Every chapter they keep getting closer and closer to actually doing it, but there always seems to be some crazy thing that gets in their way.

Later chapters introduce a new character, Sota, who is either doing a great job of sabotaging their relationship on purpose, or doing a really bad job of keeping them together. It’s… kind of hard to tell?

I especially think Sakiko is a great character. She doesn’t spend every chapter just endlessly worrying about stuff, but she gets distracted by things and cracks jokes. She really loves her yaoi and her Reiji, but she also wants an actual, blossoming love with the real-life Masayuki. A lot of the series deals with how much of her fantasy she’s willing to give up for a “normal” relationship. Well, as close to normal as possible for someone like Sakiko. Later chapters introduce even more crazy characters, each with their own personalities and hidden wants and desires.

Sometimes it’s okay to let your guard down and show the people you love your deepest, darkest secrets, even if it’s embarrassing at first! I highly recommend you check out The Guy I’m into Is a You-Know-What!, only on Renta!

New Releases for 5/31

Here are the releases for this Friday, May 31st! If you have any questions, make sure to let me know in the comments.


Title: Kiss and Tell (Chapter 30)
Author: Anna Takamura

Leo is jealous of his playboy older neighbor, Ryosuke, for being handsome and lucky in love. Leo has problems of his own and is ashamed about his own inability to perform. However, when they both go to a party and kiss each other on a dare, Leo finds that his passions may be going in a different direction than he expected…

The Guy I Hate by Moto Haruyama (Chapter 2)
Marriage in Prison -Bear My Child- by mamoru (Chapter 21)
[VertiComix] Me and My Step-brother by Mawo Aoyama (Chapter 12)


Title: User’s Gude to a Woman’s Body
Authors: Ruchia Mita/Yakan

Despite working as an editor for an adult manga, Yui’s love life isn’t exactly ideal. “Dead fish” is not exactly what you want to go for when you’re trying to have a good time. Finally, she meets the attractive Masaki, who’s basically the sweetest guy ever. There’s no way she could get dumped by him! There’s just the problem of his equally attractive but very much not sweet brothers…

Gender-Swap at the Delinquent Academy -He’s Trying to Get My First Time!- by Yori Takao (Chapter 25) [25% OFF UNTIL JUNE 7TH!]
The Wolf Prince’s Prey by Sankaku (Chapter 4)
Would You Care For a Butler? by Sora Haruno (Chapter 6)
[VertiComix] Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! by Hiraku Miura (Chapter 6)


Title: A Very Public Affair
Author: Ryo Arisawa/Sally Wentworth

On a cold winter night six years ago, the handsome millionaire Jack Straker took in a homeless girl named Clare. However, after Jack’s father passed away, they ended up sleeping together. But, the next day, he gave her a check and tells her he’s already married. Now, Clare is a 25-year-old antiques appraiser living with her son and a dark secret, when she ends up running into the man she never wanted to see again…

Agenda: Attraction! by Yutta Narukami/Jessica Steele
Accidental Baby by Harumi Benisako/Kim Lawrence
Dark Intentions by Mayu Takayama/Carol Buckland


Title: A Second Away from a Kiss
Author: Sui Souda

Rikka volunteers to write her school’s play, thinking it’s a historical performance, but finds out that it’s actually a fairy tale. Not knowing the first thing about that kind of stuff, her handsome but bossy childhood friend Izuru forces her to go to his house and read all of his sisters’ girls comics. He even suggests a kissing scene to close off the performance. But, when the princess for the play comes down with a cold on the day of the performance, Izuru suggests Rikka act as the princess, despite Izuru being the prince! He tells her he’ll stop a second before the kiss, but…

That’s it for this week! If you like these posts, make sure to let us know in the comments!

Review: Do Androids Dream of Love?

Philip K. Dick would be proud.
Because who doesn’t want a touch of sci-fi in their love manga?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a robot to do all your housework for you, and more? For me at least, if I could just be able to get out of cleaning my apartment AND also get a cute puppy-dog companion like Akito, the android in this story, I would be able to live the rest of my life happily.

Title: Do Androids Dream of Love?
Author: Ryo Hidaka
Japanese title: Android wa Ai no Yume wo Miru ka? (アンドロイドは愛の夢を見るか?)

Page link:

However, Riko, the primary heroine of our story, is a bit different. By all accounts, she’s had kind of a rough life. Her mother passed away when she was young, and her genius inventor father spent all his time in the laboratory creating new technology instead of really taking care of her. With a childhood like that, it’s not surprising that Riko ended up kind of a loner growing up.

Cut to the present day, and her quiet, lonely life changes when her father passes away and leaves her with a humanoid robot he calls Akito, programmed to be her companion and to make her feel as comfortable as possible. That means all that boring stuff like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of housework. Akito is also a learning robot, which means he can adapt and synthesize information to inform his decisions. The result is that Akito’s personality is like a cross between a wide-eyed child exploring the world for the first time, and a loyal dog ready to do anything for love and affection.

The story really gets interesting while the two of them are watching a movie on TV. Akito gets really curious about the human concept of “kissing” and is eager to try it out for himself. Riko is understandably a little bit uncomfortable, but Akito is just emulating what he sees on the screen. That’s a life lesson for future parents out there: make sure you always know what your kids are watching! But, just how far will they go? You’ll have to read on to find out how the rest of the story develops.

This story’s art is beautiful and it’s definitely a rising fan favorite on Renta! As the series continues, Riko and Akito continue to develop and learn to live together, for better or for worse. Riko is no pushover herself, but it’s hard not to melt a little bit in the face of Akito’s emotional expressions (which is kind of ironic, because in Riko’s words, he’s “just a freakin’ robot”). Akito’s just so cute and trying so hard, it’s impossible to stay mad at him forever! If you like a touch of sci-fi spec fic mixed in with your smut, then I think you’ll really enjoy Do Androids Dream of Love? As of this post, it’s currently on Chapter 2, but there’s definitely more to come soon!

Preview: Shouganai Kara Aishite Ageru

Yoko Ito, artist of the bestselling Allergic to Love, is back again with their latest work Shouganai Kara Aishite Ageru (しょうがないから愛してあげる). Its official release date and title on the English website is yet to be announced, but I guarantee you’ll love it.

We follow two coworkers: Sako Miyamura and Eiji Miya. They have nothing in common other than the fact that they joined the company at the same time and that Sako is in charge of his accounts.

Sako’s just your average Japanese office worker, but has a surprisingly feisty temperament and a thing for suits–in particular, Eiji’s. Every chance she can get, Sako ogles Eiji’s suits.

Eiji, on the other hand, is a handsome and intelligent hotshot salesman who’s so motivated, he’s hardly swayed by all the women in the office fawning over him. He’s so disinterested in others that he flat out turns down an invitation from the new-hire before she can even spit it out.

On the day when Sako and Eiji’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, Sako heads to the company file room and opens the door. She’s surprised to find Eiji going through the files. She thinks it must be her lucky day since she can get gawk at his suit to her heart’s content through the gap in the shelf without him noticing. She leans down in anticipation… but he’s gone!

Just then, she hears footsteps behind her. She turns around.

Eiji’s glaring at her. He barks at her to quit staring because it’s so distracting. He’s well-aware he’s gorgeous, but he’s beyond her league, so she shouldn’t get any ideas about having a chance with him.

Just as he smirks and turns to walk away, Sako throws her hands on his face and starts squishing it. She sarcastically apologizes for gawking, but just can’t help herself–his suit is too gorgeous! She doesn’t want to wrinkle it, so she’s intentionally squishing his face.

Hell hath no fury like an office worker denied her suit-viewing privileges. She doesn’t give a shit about Eiji’s looks or personality–she just wants a good look at that suit! Eiji’s simultaneously taken aback by her hot temper and enamored with her for her passion for and knowledge of suits.


We are currently working on the lettering, but hope to have it released soon! I will announce when it is released. In the meantime, check out Yoko Ito’s other work here!



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