New Releases for 7/5

Here are the new releases for Friday, July 5th!

Someone please make this week go slower, thanks. Here are the new releases for Friday, July 5th!


Title: What He Doesn’t Know
Author: Yuuki Fujinari

Hiromu wants to be closer to his boyfriend, Taiyo, but every time they get close, he gets so embarrassed and runs away. But, that might be because he’s half cat and turns back every time his heart starts beating. Keep reading for a litter of cat-tastic puns that will have you nipping at the bud for more! Talking cats! They’re so cute!!! Also includes five other stories about cute couples who love horoscopes, traveling, gaming, and more!

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Title: Just One Taste Isn’t Enough! -Wanna Come Over Again Tonight?- (Chapter 1)
Author: Natsu Kuroki

Momiji takes a part-time job at a bakery to try and make ends meet, but the guy training her, Yuu, seems a bit scary at first. However, once Momiji gets to know him, she finds he has a hidden depth to him. When he accidentally overhears that she’s been kicked out of her apartment, he invites her to stay with him… at his huge apartment! Suddenly he pushes her down and things take a new turn…

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Title: The 200% Wife
Author: Megumu Minami/Jennifer Greene

Abby has always put 200% of herself into whatever she does, so it comes as quite a shock to everyone when she decides to throw everything away and spend a relaxing time up in Lake Tahoe. But, things aren’t going so well for her after she gets stranded with a flat tire in a snowstorm on a road in the middle of nowhere. Dejected and lost, she is saved by a handsome driver who happens to be passing by. He introduces himself as Garson, or Gar for short, and walks Abby through how to put on a spare. Abby just wants to relax and spend time for herself, but she can’t get Gar out of her mind…

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Title: This Mage Desires Mediocrity (Chapter 13)
Author: Hiromi Taihei/Ren Hirose

Mizuki just wants to live a peaceful life in her village… but she’s not just any villager. She’s a genre-savvy nerd taken from Earth and suddenly swept into a magical world filled with spells, demons, and danger. She just wants to be left alone, but now she’s being chased by mages, knights, and everything in between. She has to use her knowledge of the genre and newfound abilities to succeed, and maybe enjoy the life she’s able to lead along the way.


Title: entrans! (Chapter 3)
Author: Pon Takahanada

En is always pranked by his fellow students and getting his uniform switched out with a female one. When he wakes up one day to find that he actually has a girl’s body (and a nice one at that!), he realizes that no prank could have gone this far! Now En has to figure out what has happened so he can turn back into a guy. But what issues will he face on the way with his new body?

Title: Monthly: Editor-In-Chief Aikawa (Chapter 17)
Author: Takeshi Ohmi

Ms. Aikawa has been a star magazine editor for her entire career, and now she has moved up the ranks and been transferred to become editor-in-chief at a publishing company! The only thing is that it’s her first time working as an… adult magazine editor. She’s never dealt with this kind of office before! One of her co-workers, Keisuke comes to check up on her after hours, and finds that although she tries to be professional during the day, she has a few fantasies of her own…